Cybersecurity Silver Team Makes National Semi Finals

The Silver team of the A-TECH cyberpatriot team is moving on to the Cyberpatriot semifinals at the national level.

“Silver division 4th place team in the state is going to semifinals at the national level based on their scores. They were the top ten percent in the nation for silver for their scores,” said advisor Melissa Perrin-Smith. “They were the top ten percent in the nation for silver for their scores.”

This means the Silver division team who took fourth accumulated enough points from multiple events to be able to compete at the national level.

Freshman Jeff Rada stated, “This is our first year and we did not think we would go that far.”

Most of the team said they did not think they would make it this far.

“We were surprised when we got [the news],” said freshman Zachary Troutman.

In Cyberpatriot competitions points are calculated through a series of events they do. One is images, simulations of computers that have viruses and various problems on it, and packet tracing, where they must trace a file to its source. All of that is totaled to get the final score.

“Confidence… That’s what gets you to the semis, confidence,” said freshman Alexander Diloreanu.