Great Games in the App Store

We all find ourselves laying on our bed surfing our social media to entertain ourselves. We also find ourselves bored in a matter of minutes if nobody answers our text. Many times we have to ask our friends for their mobile game recommendations. Sadly, we always get the boring games, but luckily, I got you covered. Obviously, almost all of us are broke, but today, I got for you the top five free games in the App Store today.


Epic Games

Despite many haters, Fortnite is one of the most influential games of its time. The game, overall, has mechanics never seen before, not to mention a battle royale. Fortnite has won its fans because of their creativeness and their style. This game is in third person and, most importantly, lets you build. Fortnite also always has something new to add such as weapons, items, features, events, and seasons that in one way or another keep the same game feel so much different. On top of that, they listen to the community and fix things that need to be fixed. This is one of the best games to download. Just be aware that this is meant to be played on PC. Therefore, it drains more battery than usual.

Ball Mayhem


Ball Mayhem is a new exciting game by VooDoo. This is a fun simulation of a football game that has really funny mechanics and outstanding cartoon graphics. You enter a stadium and face the opponents in a “fierce battle” as VooDoo describes. With this game, you surely won’t get bored in a while. Have fun and tackle your way through the game.



This game is one of the most hilarious escape games ever. The objective is to find words that will allow the innocent prisoner to break free. After a while, the prisoner escapes, and he’s free. This game will fortify your vocabulary and keep you busy for a while.

Brawl Stars


Close to the age of Fortnite, this battle royale has also won its audience. Brawl Stars has a top 3D view of the game, and the character goes around eliminating players until he or she wins the game. Many players have said that the game is fun and enjoyable, so it’s worth a shot.



Polysphere has been described by many players as one of the most difficult mobile games they played. Not only on a skill level but at a mental level as well. The game consist of many jagged pieces of a drawing spread over a white background. The objective is to move the piece all together to find the figure it forms. This will leave you with no time on your hands.

These are the best suggestions on the App Store.. Hopefully, you can reduce your boredom level and enjoy yourself with these games. There is no longer a need to wait for your friend who temporarily is non-existent when you text them.