Groundhog Day is a Really Weird Holiday

All countries have their national holidays and every region has their traditions and with that comes often very peculiar celebrations, so here’s why Groundhog is one of America’s weirdest holidays.

If you don’t know what Groundhog Day is then it will almost, without a doubt, sound very very strange. The concept is that every year on February the 2nd, a special, glorified groundhog is meant to come out of its hole and depending on its reactions when it gets out of it, there will either be 3 more weeks of winter or an early spring will occur.

If the groundhog comes out its hole and sees its shadow, it will be scared back to its den meaning a longer winter is happening that year. However, if that does not happen, an early spring awaits us.

The first every instance of this happened in the 1800s, more specifically 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where their special groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, resides. The groundhogs used in this celebration stem from the original groundhog used in the very first instance of Groundhog Day, which was not actually an official holiday until 1887.

Now, why is it such a weird holiday? The reason this holiday was created was due to the lack of science equipment that could predict the weather in far more efficient ways then Phil the Groundhog ever could. Now, we do have the technology, so it’s a bit weird that some people trust the woodchuck more than actual scientific methods. I will say, Phil is a lot cuter than most of the weather forecasters, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Groundhog Day is also essentially a day dedicated to a magic rodent, so if that’s the case we should also have a Mickey Mouse Day and a day dedicated to the mice in Cinderella.

America kind of just decided that we are going to keep our quirky tradition of broadcasting a groundhog looking at its shadow, which says a lot about us Americans; we just really like animals that can take time away from our hectic lives, which I can definitely agree upon. I’d watch anything if it meant I could stop stressing about 8th period’s presentation.

As I’ve previously mentioned, there are a couple people out there that really do trust Phil, but he has been wrong over 15 times since 1988. If they don’t trust him, they at least enjoy the concept of a weatherman groundhog as a lot of people enjoy going to the event held on February 2nd or they even just like visiting every other day of the year as well. In 2013, over 30,000 people showed up to watch Phil.

The tradition is made just for the sake of it being a tradition. Its reasoning for still existing is because it’s been happening for so long that what really is the point of getting rid of it? A lot of holidays are kept just because we’ve celebrated them for so long. For example, Halloween was supposedly to scare off spirits, but now its really just about candy and Christmas was apparently for Jesus’ birth, so why do people who don’t believe in Christianity celebrate it? Because it’s fun, plain and simple as that- we just like it.

Holidays as a whole are kind of strange in that aspect since in retrospect, it’s just a really enjoyable, accepted, practical, effective distraction from our boring, boring world.

While Groundhog Day might seem a bit weird to the average ear, there is no doubt that it is an extremely strange but definitely interesting holiday.