BGC T-Shirt Contest

The annual contest for the biggest club at A-TECH comes to a close.

Keana-Leoni Balalio

The annual contest for the biggest club at A-TECH comes to a close.

This Friday, February 8, 2019, all submissions for the Board Game Club t-shirt contest are due to Michael Patterson, Board Game Club adviser.

“We want our t-shirt to represent us. Too often we get pictures of chess, checkers, and monopoly. We are a very diverse cub with a variety of games, so we love when we see some of our favorite games displayed on the shirt,” said Patterson.

Board Game Club is one of the largest clubs at A-TECH and is a place where students can hang out after school without having to plan anything more than heading to the SAC.

Patterson said, “Ms. Underwood and myself narrow it down to the top 10, and, then, the leadership team votes over the entries to determine the winner. Sometimes we pick one and then ask them to do a few edits to make it just right.”

There are quite a number of aspects to be accounted for when designing. Designers are only meant to use a total of three colors, all while capturing Board Game Club, whether it be in images or slogans.

Lucas Gearhart said, “ [Board Game Club] is kind of part of the culture of the school, so I’ve encouraged [students] to participate every year. If they don’t win, it’s another piece to be incorporated into their portfolio, and, if they do win, they get to see a bunch of people walking around with their design.”

Every year, graphic design has participated in the contest, providing a lot of competition for those not in the graphic design program area.

“We usually get about 25 entries and usually there are 5 good ones that we vote over,” said Patterson.

Everything must come together by this Friday in order to prepare and sell the shirts in time for spring Board Game Marathon.