Creating an App in CS

Students in AP Computer Science Principles are beginning another project- making an app. Currently, they’re practicing in, a website used to teach students on how to code, in preparation.

“[The students are doing this] in preparation for the AP test,” the teacher of AP Computer Science principles, Sam Winn, stated. “I’d like [the students] to make an app for the AP test.”

However, Winn’s plan to make students create an app for the AP test is not fully accepted between students yet.

“It’s kinda weird [to make an app] for the AP test,” freshman Joshua Berkowitz said. “The app is really what the creator wants it to be.”

The app the students are currently working on in is due at the end of the day on Tuesday, however, there is a bigger project ahead.

“The real phone app will be due the first of April,” Winn said. “They’ll start it in March and have 2 to 3 weeks to work on it.”

There is a rubric for the app due on April 1st, even though there isn’t a clear decision of what kind of app the students will be making.

“[The app] has to have a real purpose,” Winn explained. “Not just moving your mouse around on the screen and calling it good.”

The app also has to have 4 screens, color, video, pictures, and sound.

“It’s more fun if you add sound to it,” Winn stated.

The project seems to be going well currently and most students aren’t having trouble with the preparation for it.

“[The project is] easy,” freshman Nyan Caggianelli said. “There’s not really much [to it] at all.”