True Love – Actually True?

In Erica Koprowski’s English class, we are starting the play “Romeo and Juliet”. The infamous love tragedy. She decided to give us a few topic questions and this sparked very interesting discussions.

Keep in mind that I have this class during fourth period and I was talking about these questions, alongside others, in my eighth period gym class with a friend. The entire duration of eighth period, starting while being in the locker rooms, was spent merely talking about one question in particular: “Do you believe ‘true love’ exists?”

This is definitely a hard question to answer, possibly for everyone. But the thing is that I have always believed in certain things. And when these questions arose, so did my opinions. You see I may be naive for what I am about to say, but in believing in true love, you are believing in soulmates and love being a real possibility. And for anyone who knows me on a personal level, they have all seen my innocence, in some aspects more than others, and not in the way you see a new born baby, but in a way of my beliefs being true and naive.

You see I believe that, sometimes and maybe, teenagers can know what true love really is. This is important for later. Our brains are not yet fully developed and we are way too immature for anything, but that’s why, when love is true, we grow.

Teenagers are in the ‘wanting’ process of love. They don’t want to love themselves, but they want others to love them. In me saying ‘they’, I am not necessarily leaving myself out, but am more so speaking from experience. But even in the teenage years, we are able to know what true love really is. We have seen it in movies and shows, which has ruined our beliefs in finding true love for ourselves. But even with that obstruction, humans still, inevitably, believe they can or have found ‘the one’.

My belief system is anything but simple. There is a chemical in the brain which makes us start to like someone so that we can reproduce (there are more scientific terms and reasons which I am not capable of explaining). But I do believe in true love. I believe that there is a person out there perfectly suitable for another person. In a world of seven billion people, there has to be someone out there. You can’t really go through life not finding love. In the end, we all learn from our experiences. And each time we learn, we grow. At some point, we find the person we were always meant to end up with. It’s a great thing.

True love is the most powerful magic in the world. And I believe that it’s real.