National History Day Project in U.S. History


Wenxin Chen

A-TECH student working on the NHD project.

From January 28th to March 1st, United States’ History students with Jeffery Hinton are working on their National History Day(NHD) Project.

Students pick a significant historical topic based on the NHD theme, Triumph and Tragedy, and they express their abilities in original research on historical topics.

“Students need to be able to make decisions about what is valid evidence and what is not,” said Hinton. “Thinking critically about sources and decisions to use it require refined skills that must be learned and practiced.”

When the research is done, students will have multiple formats to present their knowledge on the topic as an individual or as a group: documentary, paper, exhibit, performance, or website.

My topic is the Titanic and how it impacted modern safety regulation,” said junior Jennifer Gonzalez.” I picked this topic with my group because I found it interesting how much the Titanic has influenced modern ships 100+ years later.”

Each group will have the opportunity to compete in the local NHD Contest on March 23 at UNLV to present their work. At the competition, each group will meet students from other schools and exchange ideas to improve their historical knowledge and researching skills.

“I think anytime students have the opportunity to challenge themselves with a new experience it is a worthwhile endeavor, after all, we grow when we are uncomfortable and faced with uncertainty,” said Hinton.