“Authentic” Tacos or Fast Food Tacos?


Jhamileth Velasquez

Yes, the government shutdown was last month and the Super Bowl was only a few days ago, but what we should REALLY be thinking about is: Which are better, “authentic” tacos or fast food tacos? To find out, I asked different students here at A-TECH for their opinion.

“I love all tacos. They all taste delicious. If I could eat them everyday I would, but I do prefer the soft tacos over crunchy tacos. The crunchy ones break really easily and the soft ones are just amazing,” said junior Henry Obregon.

Obregon seems to share a popular opinion that homemade tacos taste better, with sophomore Daniel Robles.

“I enjoy traditional soft tacos over fast-food because fast food is disgusting. I have heard about the atrocious ways fast food restaurants prepare their ‘food.’ Homemade soft tacos are the best!”

Sophomore Jhamileth Velasquez also has a very specific reason for why she prefers homemade tacos.

“Homemade tacos just taste better. The salsas, toppings, and meat all taste better when they are made from hand instead of buying them from a restaurant that isn’t credible and has questionable sources for food.”

Freshmen Kaylyn Martinez can agree that tacos are great, but she would rather have fast-food tacos.

“I love all tacos they are all delicious! I do prefer crunchy tacos though and Taco Bell tacos are the bomb and more affordable too.”

Contrary to thoughts listed above, freshmen Justin Conde is straight forward about how he feels about both “authentic” tacos and fast food tacos.

“I could careless about either taco as long as the food I eat is ‘edible’ and it tastes good. I would just eat whichever taco place is closest to me. I have no preference.”