AP Research Presentations

AP classes across A-TECH are hurriedly getting their students ready for AP exams and AP Research is certainly no exception, especially with their presentations on January 29th.

AP classes are typically very intimidating to any onlookers signing up for classes, so to talk about a class project and their presentations, the class needs to be explained as well.

AP Research is a completely new class just added this year for juniors and seniors to take after AP Seminar. AP Research is dedicated to a year long project involving answering questions about a topic and finding out about the topic through investigation. This is a Capstone Course and at the end of the year, all projects will be submitted to be graded based on College Board Placement requirements. This class should not be confused with AP Seminar, which prepares students for AP Research by teaching students how to analyze and synthesize information.

With that being said, as previously mentioned, these students work on their projects from the second they step into Dr. Soo Park’s class and a few days ago they conducted their first test presentation.

At first, all incoming Research students had to come up with topics and questions ranging from anime being in theaters and therapy models for stroke patients. Most topics pertained to students’ program areas or personal experiences. Jannette N. Lopez Ramos created her topic based on her program area, legal studies, and found some flaws within systems that she wanted to explore and Desiree Vasquez chose hers based on things she believed when she was younger that she thought were interesting.

After the students researched, performed studies and developed more knowledge on their topics, students were to present their findings in a science fair fashion in order to get feedback on what they’ve uncovered. Teachers and students were permitted to go and watch their presentations to assist the students in bettering their work.

“Picking a topic that I loved and had an interest in benefited me greatly because I enjoyed doing all of this work because of that,” Aliea Vida mentioned.

She went on to explain that the project that they’re doing is a lot like the Curiosity Quest that all freshmen in 9th grade English take, just at a more advanced level.

“These students are doing PHD level work and going far beyond what normal high schoolers get to do. This class gives them analytical skills and that’s really what I hope they take from this class,” Dr. Park said.

As intimidating as it the class sound however, the majority of the students spoke positively about the class and its many benefits.

“I think it’s just a really beneficial class that can prepare you for all of your college level assignments and essays and everything in that category and it can help you prepare for Senior Capstone projects as well,” Rachel Chinen went on to say.