The Perfect Gift For A Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You are either happy and excited to share your love or want it to come and go already. Not everyone feels the need to be happy about Valentine’s Day or even acknowledge it. Valentine’s Day can be spent doing many different things with loved ones, but when it comes down to finding the perfect gift for that special someone, it isn’t always easy.

Most people have a hard time knowing what to give someone for Valentine’s Day. Of course, there is just simply teddy bears, chocolate, flowers, and sweets, but not everyone wants to take the easy way out.

For women, it’s easier to please their man, because men are simple. Like very simple, especially when it comes down to gifts. Men usually want the new TV that just came out or the new watch. Women don’t have to really stress over men. For Valentine’s Day, men are 100% of the time happy and grateful with their gifts.

Most men like to do more of a romantic theme for their lady, such as bubble baths with candles, fancy restaurant with really good food, jewelry, perfume, and many more other things that she may have had her eye on for a while. They want to go the right route, which is the more romantic and meaning behind the gift route. For women, it’s the thought and love that counts.

“It mostly depends on the woman. Most look forward to the gifts and the teddy bears, but some just want love and don’t want to be lonely,” freshman Lucus Hunt said.

Not every woman wants a gift because most just want love and affection. Nowadays, that’s something woman really look forward too.

“The perfect gift for a woman on Valentine’s Day is food. I say this because every girl I know is in love with food,” freshman Benjamin Hannon said.

Every girl’s weakness is food. They really do look forward to eating because some go to food to make them happy, stress relief, or it’s just their happiness. Every girl is different when it comes down to what makes us happy.

“I think there is no appropriate amount to spend on a gift, you just have to know what is reasonable,” Hannon said.

It’s not about the gift, it’s about the thought that matters. Men and women are appreciative just knowing that they came across your mind, and you went out and got something for them.

Not every gift needs to break the bank, or even be really fancy. Just as long as the gift has a meaning, then that’s all that matters.