CyberPatriot Team Places Second in State


Jeremiah Mendoza

CyberPatriot silver team

The CyberPatriot team has blown many people away with their talent. On, January 11, 2019, the teams competed in the semi-final qualifiers round. The team did outstanding and showed how fiercely they compete and how they’re one of the best teams in the state.

“We are top 22% worldwide, and 2nd place in the state. This being our first real year competing I’m proud of my team and all the work we put in,” said freshman Cade Romero, platinum team leader.    

Being that far in the competition is incredible. Sadly, only one team, the silver team, made it to semi-finals. Still every single one of A-TECH’s did outstanding. A-TECH took a giant step for the CyberPatriot team, and even though they didn’t all win, they put up a heck of a fight.

“The platinum team was .3 points away from Faith Lutheran Middle & High School. They would’ve done better if the Windows didn’t crash. But they should feel really proud,” said team coach Melissa Perrin-Smith.

Their best team (platinum) was beat by Faith Lutheran by a slim pointage difference. The teams were competing against competition they never knew they had, and it was hard to know what they needed to work on to defeat other rivals. Most of the teams only missed because of technical issues with the computers.

So far, the CyberPatriot team still has hope to find a spot in the finals. With the way things are going, the last remaining team will keep on fighting.

“The silver team made it. Hopefully we’ll make it. They learn from each other. This is why they’re phenomenal,” said Perrin-Smith.

Although the CyberPatriot team might look defeated, this is a major victory. With five people in the team last year, they did poorly. Now with 35 active participants, the team had their first real year to show what A-TECH really is. Perrin-Smith predicts that by next year, there will be about 150 people on the team. The team hopes to get the top spot in next year’s competition.