Most Prized Possession

Everyone has a prized possession and that certain object tells a story or meaning to that person. Those prized possession may seem ordinary to others, but to that certain person, it has a special place in their heart.

“My phone is my prized possession because everything is on here. I have my loved one’s contact information and I also do everything on my phone. If I didn’t have my phone then I would die,” freshman Alana Poole said.

Prized possessions can be something special like jewelry.

“This ring is my prized possession because my best friend has one and he is far away right now and it is like a symbolization of him,” freshman Joseph Shaffer said.

“My most prized possession is my necklace that I wear every day and it has a picture of my favorite ship of all time and my lovely best friend gave it to me,” sophomore Sydney Strott said.

A prized possession can also be an accomplishment.

“This electronic trinket, an audio visualizer, that I made last summer [is my prized possession] because I built it and it was one of the first things ever made that worked for once,” senior Kenny Peng said.

It can also be as simple as a pet.

“My chihuahua named Stinker [is prized to me]. I love him and he is so cute. He is the best chihuahua in the entire world and he is not like normal chihuahuas, he never yaps and he is also friendly. He has always been by my side since the beginning,” staff member Ricci Underwood said. 

Many people have unique items that are only special to themselves, but prized possessions can vary from a ginormous thing to a small item. Something useless in someone’s eyes is a treasure to another’s eye.