Super Bowl LIII Recap


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This year’s Super Bowl took place on Saturday, February 3 the Los Angeles Rams facing off against the New England Patriots.

These two teams fought hard this year as they both ended second seed in their respective conferences. The Rams, who ended 13-3, faced off against opponents like the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints to get to the Super Bowl, while the Patriots, who ended 11-5, faced off against teams like the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

They both fought extra hard in their conference championships with both of them ending in teeth-clenching overtime. The Rams were able to hit a game winning 57-yard field goal while the Patriots scored on a game winning drive to get to the Super Bowl.

Then the Super Bowl took place. These teams both took the field eager to get a Super Bowl victory, and it showed on the field. The first drive of the game was very lackluster as the Patriots started to drive down the field with first down after first down, but then on Tom Brady’s (Patriots quarterback) first pass attempt, he was picked off on a tipped pass. The only chance to score was when the Patriots drove downfield and made it into field goal range, but as Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots kicker) took the kick, it went wide left, and he missed. The rest of the first quarter was a defensive battle and there were no scoring, ending 0-0.

The second quarter was somewhat the same as the as the first quarter, and it was, again, a defense battle with punt after punt. The Patriots were the first to finally get a good drive. With that drive, they pushed into field goal position, and this time, Stephen Gostkowski was able to kick the ball into the field goal and secure the Patriots three points. The rest of the second quarter was again a defensive battle as was the whole game ending only Patriots 3 to Rams 0.


Before the start of the second half, one of the most well known Super Bowl traditions, the halftime show, took place. This year’s performers were Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi. They took the stage with the lead performer being Maroon 5 with appearances from Scott and Big Boi. Both of these rappers had some crazy entrances. Scott came in with the song “Sweet Victory” from SpongeBob SquarePants and a meteor coming down into his song “Sicko Mode” as Big Boi came in driving a car down the field.

With the end of the halftime show, the Patriots and Rams took the field again to finish out the game. The second half, again, was a defensive battle, but the scores were higher. Within the third quarter, the Rams held the Patriots to 0 points while the Rams were able to tie the game at 3-3 but not score anything else.

Then with the fourth quarter, the Patriots found a fire and drove down the field with a great catch by tight end Rob Gronkowski then the finishing score with a run by Sony Michel. The Patriots then took the lead of 10-3. It was then all defense from there. The Patriots were able to hold the Rams punt after punt then finally securing the game with another field with short time left to go, making the Patriots the 2019 Super Bowl champions with Julian Edelman (Patriots wide receiver) as the Super Bowl MVP.


This game was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history. It had many standpoints as being the most boring Super Bowl ever. The game from a football standpoint was a very good defensive game.

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