The Not-So Super Bowl

Student Perspectives on What Happened During 2019’s Dry Super Bowl

Who’s Lombardi?

THE SUPER BOWL WAS THIS WEEKEND! Many football fans were excited about this big game. The Super Bowl is the biggest championship game in America. Millions of people watch as they see which competitor will walk out with the Lombardi Trophy and a plethora of shiny diamond rings.

As the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams faced off, most of the nation had taken sides.

Many, many people did not want the Patriots to win. Due to their past, suspicious tactics, and dominant history, every fan who is not a New England fan are rooting for the Rams (unless you’re a Saints fan, sorry about that). New England won 13-3 beating one of the highest powered offenses in the league.

German Uriostegui, a junior and Bengals fan, has made it very clear that the Super Bowl was a huge disappointment.

“Very disappointed because the teams offenses sucks. Jared Goff is a bum, he can’t read a defense, and he relies on Sean McVay for the pre-snap reads.”

A pre-snap read, which Uriostegui referenced, is an understanding of the play that will be performed by the opposition before the actual ball goes into play.

Uriostegui was upset about the way the Super Bowl turned out, with such poor scoring by the Saints and an unentertaining first half.

“Todd Gurley sucks too, I don’t know if he is injured or not, but if he isn’t he is trash. And the offensive line was garbage,” said Uriostegui.

As Uriostegui wanted the Rams to win, he was indeed impressed by the way the Patriots defense held their own against the Rams.

“[The New England Patriots] played great. But that’s all Bill Belichick, the greatest coach ever. Tom Brady sucks, he’s overrated, he’s a system quarterback,” stated Uriostegui.

Uriostegui was evidently disheartened by the big game, and so was junior and New York Giants fan, Luke Deocampo.

“It was the best defense victory of a Super Bowl but the most boring Super Bowl to watch. It was interesting watching Ndamukong Suh getting to Brady all day, but I expected more from the top two scoring offenses in the league,” stated Deocampo.

When asked whether he believed the Patriot’s defense played a big part of stopping the Ram’s, he did not agree.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of the Patriot’s defense, I think it is a matter of Jared Goff’s inexperience and Sean McVay’s experience in the Super Bowl,” said Deocampo.

Deocampo also believes that Sean McVay was out coached by Belichick as well.

“Bill Belichick out coached him, [McVay] said it himself.”

With the score ending 13-3, many wonder how this game turned out to be such a disastrous Super Bowl to have watched. There were hardly any good plays made by both team’s offenses. The Rams punted for a total of 417 yards, more than their offense!

No matter what happened, it was the Super Bowl. Though millions may have watched in disappointment, Tom Brady won his sixth ring, making him the only player in NFL history with such amount of rings.