Crazy Nightmares


Angel Mesiti

Dreams can get crazy, especially nightmares. These are nightmares of A-TECH students, involving home invaders, Zombies, and Barack Obama on the titanic.  

“I once had a dream about a zombie apocalypse. My house was all boarded up, windows covered, and it’s me and my whole extended family. It was me, my three brothers, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, other uncle, my grandparents, and two cousins. My uncle, who is a real life politician, started to rally with us. He said that we have the manpower and the strength to be outside fighting, instead of being afraid inside. We all said no, but he didn’t listen. Eventually, he got turned into a zombie, along with my aunt and her husband. They tried breaking in. I ran to my mom to tell her, but she didn’t believe me, and neither did my grandparents, or my brother. My family members broke in, with the help of other zombies. I have to save my cousins who are a baby and a toddler. They keep trying to go to their zombies parents. We somehow magically relocate to my local sam’s club, where we’ll be go on food for a while. We safely live there for a bit, until my zombie uncle somehow raised a zombie army and figured out where we were. Then there was a big battle, human versus zombie. I woke up, terrified, right in the middle of the human zombie battle. I’ll never know who won, but I do know one thing. I blame my uncle for this mess,” said sophomore Maria Perez.

Zombies may be terrifying, but so are home invasions.

“Okay for this dream you need a little bit of backstory. My dad is very stern when it comes to my garage. He always interrogates me, asking if I closed it or not. I always do, this is one of the only things I can actually remember. On the other hand, my mom never remembers. In my dream, my mom came home from her friends house, and we all started to eat dinner. Then I realized that I needed something from the garage. I can’t remember what It was, but when I stepped in the garage, I got a really bad feeling about something. I looked around, then someone covered my mouth and whispered ‘don’t move’. It was a man, and I saw him with a silver gun. I walked into my house, still covering my mouth. He then covered my eyes, and I heard gunshots. I woke up, completely confused and scared. I wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t wake up, but if it’s what I think it is, I’m glad I woke up,” said freshman Isabella Jaramillo.

Home invasions are pretty scary, but just imagine being on the titanic, like junior Regi Ramos. 

“I was on the Titanic with my crush. It was me, her, and a bunch of monkeys. The passengers were the monkeys, and it was very weird. Anyways, she told me to never let go. I said ‘I would never’ and then all of a sudden she started to take off her mask. When she did, her voice got deep and she turned to me and said ‘it’s me. Barack Obama’. I screamed and ran, falling off of the ship. I then started swimming away from the ship as I hear him calling back to me. I eventually drowned,” said Ramos.