Victory Day in Russia


May 9 marks the annual victory day parade in Russia commemorating its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. May 9 became known as the great patriotic war which began in 1941-1945 also marking its 71st Anniversary. This sacred holiday symbolizes the relationship between Russia and its people. Over 23 million soldiers and civilians died, tallying as the highest death toll in history.

In Moscow, Russian armed forces paraded throughout the Red Square showcasing their conventional military hardware and weapons. This movement known as the ‘immortal regiment’ spread throughout Russia, Europe, and other countries, paying tribute to World War II veterans. Billions of dollars were spent in Russia’s modernization of its military to show the public its armed forces. Several fighter jets and helicopters including the Mi-26, Mi-8, Mi-28, KA-52, Russian Knights aerobatic team, supersonic Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, Sukhoi Su-25s, Su-34, and the Sukhoi Su-35 flew over Red Square. Russian soldiers were seen marching down the parade armed with AK-74M’s and along with a column of T-14’s, T-90 tanks, artillery and infantry units. The parade had a total of 10,000 military personnel and multiple Russian hardwares.

Patriotic songs played throughout Russia. President Vladimir Putin attended the parade making his speech and congratulating his comrades about this great victory.