Guide to Finding your Valentine

Jaz'myn Anderson, Cub Reporter

Valentine’s Day is in just over a week, and many students don’t have a sweetheart. Every year, their is a group of students that don’t have anyone to give their gifts to. They either one: don’t have a Valentine, two: are crushing on someone and don’t have the courage to talk to them, or three: don’t feel like having a significant other. If you’re feeling this way, never fear!

There’s a way to get your sweetheart to be your valentine; one that doesn’t involve kidnapping or stalking!

Figure Out What They Like

Nothing can be started unless you get the chance to know them! Trust me, you shouldn’t guess what they like. Guessing will result in either awkward silence or embarrassment. Although, if you’re shy like me, it’s going to be a little more difficult to figure out. The solution to that problem: just hit them up.

Most shy people are more communicative through text other than face-to-face communication, which means that they express themselves differently. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a crush or significant other. Getting to know more people is always a good thing.

Hang Out!

Once you guys have talked, hang out! It’s always fun with friends and especially with that special someone. With this, you will find how they act outside of school.

I have learned from experience that many people act differently when they aren’t bombarded with classes and homework. It is like they become a whole new person you never thought they would be. You find out more about them by hanging out, which makes your connection much more memorable.

Think of the Perfect Gift

The whole point of Valentine’s Day is to show love to the people that you care about. What better way to celebrate than with the perfect gift for that special someone?

Once you have gotten to know them, and you two have hung out a time or two, this becomes much easier. Get them a gift that reflects on what they find interesting, it will show that you care about their interests and that you are a true friend. You can also go traditional with a stuffed teddy bear and some chocolate hearts. A lot of times, simpler is better.

Go for it!

Don’t leave it there! Valentine’s Day is just another way to get closer to the people you care about. Complete the day with the holiday with a fantastic new connection. Take a risk and move things forward. What’s the worst that could happen?

True, you could get turned down, but in the end, what did you really loose? They could turn out to become a friend or even better, a new significant other. I’ve made the mistake many times of not going for a person or making a new friend. It is the time to live in the moment!

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest and most celebrated holidays. Everyone is always rushing around, trying to find last minute gifts or trying the hardest to talk to their crush or even make a new friend. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to get through this holiday.