Deadliest Challenges to Ever Exist


User Tama66 on Pixnio

Most challenges are just stupid mindless fun, but sometimes they can be fatal to the participant. From severe injuries to actual death, some internet challenges can go from simple fun to a family tragedy. These are the top ten deadliest challenges to ever exist.

Vodka Eyeballing

This challenge is exactly what is exactly what it sounds like. Participants pour neat Vodka into their eyeball in hopes of getting drunk faster and feeling a certain high. However, this challenge is far from fun and gains as it strips away the protective membrane in the eye and can be as bad as pouring bleach into your eye socket. 22-year-old Melissa Fontaine learned this the hard way and now she is one of several victims left with a constantly watering eye and a huge likelihood of being blind in the near future.

Salt and Ice Challenge

This challenge involves the participant placing a layer of salt on their skin and then placing a cube of ice on the salt for as long as they can. The result is a burn on that layer of skin. The severity of the burn depends on how much salt and ice you use and how long it is left on your skin. Burning yourself is far from a pleasant experience, and challenges had to learn that the hard way. The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reported that a 12-year-old boy from Pittsburgh ended up with a huge blistering 2nd-degree burns in the shape of a cross across his back.

Ghost Pepper Challenge

The run-down of this challenge is participants consuming a ghost pepper. Now to put things in perspective, a ghost pepper is twice as hot as a Habanero pepper. This challenge results in more than watering eyes- think literal heart attacks. In 2018, a 34-year-old attempted the challenge, which resulted in him dry heaving and complaining of headaches which eventually led to a heart attack. He had no significant medical history. Another example of this challenge being potentially fatal was in the case of a 47-year-old man who consumed ghost pepper puree and ended up with a hole in his esophagus. To all spicy food lovers out there, there’s a limit to where something stops being tasty and is just life-threatening.

Condom Challenge

This challenge involves filling up a condom with water and asking a friend to drop it over your head. The water filled condom is expected to stay intact and envelops the participants head. Other than the fact there’s a huge possibility of suffocating, the real danger is if the condom happens to pop. 17-year-old Emily Stone learned this the hard way and didn’t live to tell her story. The condom challenge claimed her life when she inhaled the toxic combination of water and lubricants.

Polar Bear Challenge

Also known as the polar bear plunge, this challenge entails that participants plunge into freezing water while wearing little to nothing. The results of this challenge are usually more than a small cold, think more hypothermia. This challenge already claimed the life of 35-year-old Tracy Hottenstein. Daily Mail reports she was found dead after attempting the polar bear plunge.

Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge sounds harmless, I mean it’s just consuming cinnamon as fast as you can without any water. However, if you watch the videos of people attempting this, you see it is far from safe. Participants can be found choking while struggling to breathe. There are more extreme examples of people getting hurt, like the unfortunate story of a 4-year-old boy who died of asphyxiation after ingesting cinnamon. Michigan High School seniors spent four days in the hospital after attempting the cinnamon challenge.

Fire Challenge 

Of all the challenges in this list, the Fire Challenge has to be the most painful to go through, considering it entails literally setting yourself on fire. In this challenge, participants pour a flammable liquid all over themselves before lighting themselves on fire. Some participants take cautionary methods like doing the challenge right next to a shower so they can easily put themselves out, however, that didn’t always help. Considering the fact they were literally on fire, the participants couldn’t turn on the shower, so they just burn. While there are no recorded fatalities from the challenge, it still left participants extremely burned. An example of the damage the fire challenge has done to its participants come from two 12-year-olds, one from Detroit and one from Queens. The Detroit preteen ended up with ended up with burns on 49% of her body, and the Queens boy ended up with burns on 40% of his body.

Tide Pod Challenge 

Starting off as a meme, this challenge ended up as a family tragedy from many. This challenge involves its participants consuming a tide pod. While there is no exact number of fatalities, the deaths from consuming detergents skyrocketed in 2018 when the challenge was at its peak. The Washington Post reports that there were over 12,000 poison control calls related to people eating Tide Pods. It got so bad the Tide Pods company sent out a message via twitter warning its participants against trying the dangerous challenge. Despite all the measures taken, the number of people getting hurt did not go down until the meme died.

Car Surfing

Done for an adrenaline rush, the car surfing challenge requires participants to hop on top of a moving car and basically ride it out. Despite the obvious dangers, this challenge has been popular since the ’80s and with its popularity, there have been several fatalities. From 1990-2008 they were a reported 58 deaths from car surfing and 41 injuries. In 2016 alone there were at least 7 deaths caused by the challenge.

Pass Out Challenge

By far one of the most dangerous challenges to ever exist, this challenge involves getting someone to choke you out (or in some cases choking yourself out) until you’re on the verge of passing out. The goal of the challenge is to feel lightheaded and then get relief, supposedly giving you a certain high. The major problem with this challenge is people don’t know when they’ve reached that point and they take it too far, resulting in suffocation. There have been 82 reported deaths from the pass out the challenge. 12-year-old Erik Robinson was an unfortunate victim of the pass out the challenge. Robinson hung himself expecting to feel high for the moment before letting himself down, but due to the fact he was choking, he couldn’t focus enough to let himself down and ended up suffocating.

A moment of fun is fleeting, but injuries are something you’ll always remember and death is something you can’t take back. Be safe and chose the ‘challenges’ you do carefully because some of them are just not worth it.