How Society and Social Media Affect Us

I went around school and asked multiple people if they would voluntarily take two separate photos. The first on being what we’d refer to as a “cute” photo and the second one being an “ugly” photo. Before I mentioned the second photo most students were willing to take a photo. After introducing the idea of the second photo no one was willing to take the pictures.

Since students were open to the first photo rather than the second, I of course I naturally asked why. Each and every students response was almost exactly the same. Responses varied between  “I don’t want people to see me,” to “I don’t have enough confidence.”

Why should a high school teenager be self conscious about how they look on social media? The thing is that we as teens shouldn’t have to worry about how society and others view us. Yet, we do worry about these things, because most of us feel pressured.

We feel pressured because of judgments from our peers. We feel pressured because of judgments from our parents, from our neighbors, our communities, and to be honest, from random people we don’t even know. We feel pressured to keep up an appearance because we are scared of another’s opinion on us.

We could have a thousand people say that we are beautiful or handsome but if one person tells us we are ugly, we begin to feel ugly and believe we are ugly.

This is the effect society has on us.