Project Photo Hounds

Smile for the Camera! On January 14th, the Business program started a paparazzi based project called Photo Hounds. The project is done to create an understanding of economics, pricing, different aspects of supply and demand, the functions of prices, incentives, and the role of culture in the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

“If my students have never thought about how celebrities and others in career field like areas in the paparazzi, they will learn a new way people make money,” Business teacher Sherry Stidhum said.“They will also understand people make money because the customer demands.”

Students will work in teams to make a 5 minute infomercial video answering the question: what could celebrities do the paparazzi at bay? After the visual part is complete individual students will write a one page report explaining what incentives influence a business to go green.

Students will address how the team’s celebrity profile has dealt with paparazzi and include celebrity video documentation in the infomercial video.

“This project is not just about the paparazzi,” freshman Alejandro Yanez said. “It’s actually teaching us about supply and demand while incorporating the relationship between the celebrities and paparazzi.”  

To make certain that students master the economic concepts related to this project, students must also address the supporting questions through their video. Each team member must appear in the video.

“I hope to learn more about how supply and demand work and how it really shifts its way into business,” freshman Amairani Reyes said.

This 1.5 week project will be ending on January 25th and will be concluded with a presentation.