A-TECH Expectations vs. Reality

Twas the night before the first day of high school, the last day of summer had never felt more cruel, and the freshmen laid awake with thoughts crowding their mind, afraid of what tomorrow would lead them to find. Would their workload be too much to bear? Would their teachers be rude and would their classmates stare? They heard of the things that A-TECH entailed, but worry not dear freshmen, because all will be well when you hear what passed freshmen have had to unveil.

Every school has their respective reputation and A-TECH is no different, just hearing the name probably causes a bit of stress in those looking for future high schools. A-TECH is no stranger to being thought of as an extremely difficult and filled with nerds and rude teachers, so to clear up some confusion, I spoke to some freshmen to talk about the expectations and reality of A-TECH.

The Students:

Most people hear that A-TECH is filled to the brim with dorks, geeks, and dweebs, but in reality you find a bit of everything.

Looking at the text book definition, we all can be considered nerds, but it hardly shows in reality. We all care about our grades and work, but that’s about it really. You’d picture extremely work dedicated students who have 0 tolerance for students who oppose them or make mistakes, but its not like that. At all. The students are just like anywhere else: we procrastinate, we turn things in late, and we fail a test or two; the only possible difference is we manage to desperately bring our grade back before it even goes down.

Everyone here, over all, is extremely nice and surprisingly very un-problematic and fights are something that have never happened thus far. The environments the students create are ones where everyone feels safe to be themselves, express opinions, and ask for help, so making friends should be way easier then you thought.

The Teachers:

Teachers are always to fear, hate, or enjoy and the first two are usually more common than the last. Seeing that everyone thinks A-TECH has extremely hard classes, there’s no asking why they think the teachers are ruthless and strict. Most teachers here, luckily, are the exact opposite.

“Most of them are realists and they try not to pack too much onto students luckily,” freshman Isabella Hinkle explained.

Everyone will always have a teacher they don’t enjoy, but the majority here are tentative to help their students and make them their priority inside their classroom walls.

The Classes:

Like I said and like you’ve probably heard, the classes here are impossible. Homework everyday, hardly understanding the class, difficult tests, pop quizzes, presentations, essays, and so much more.

Once again, this is only slightly accurate.

Yes, we have all of those things, but definitely not to the extent you’d hear others talk about. Surprisingly, the classes are easy if you just pay attention and do the work, otherwise almost every teacher on campus is willing to tutor you after school to ensure that you can pass their class.

“I expected the classes to be super hard and we would advance through topics faster. Being in them now, they’re actually pretty nice and at a simple pace that is enough for me to handle,” freshmen Lucas Fernandez said.

Every school has the rumors surrounding it, but that’s just the way it is. Just make sure to look further into schools and what they entail, so good luck and I hope your first day is better then mine.