IT is Removing Its Double Block Schedules

The IT program is converting to the Cisco Pathway, opening the course to double majoring as students will no longer have to take two courses their junior and senior year. A double block schedule is when the students must have two consecutive periods.

“[The students in junior] and senior year [have] had to have two consecutive periods.” said Melissa Perrin-Smith. “That just went away. It will open it up to people who have CS to double major and take networking classes.”

The double block, as it is called, going away will open students to more classes. Other students seem to like this idea as they can now progress through their certification pathway and take other courses. This opens up a variety of new options that students seem to be exploring.

“I double major because CS and IT go hand and hand, so if I know one it’s good to know the other. This new pathway would open me up to both,” said freshman Daniela Randolph

Opening new pathways allows people to take more electives on what they enjoy, according to most of the IT students. 

As for the difficulty of the new electives, IT student Matthew Kimani says, his advice as a triple major, “It’s not really that hard you just have to focus on it, it’s just another class the way I see it.”