Fortnite Update 7.20

The scoped revolver and itemized glider was released in 7.21. Both items sending the Fortnite players searching the game to try their efficiency and usefulness. The weapons were released during the regular 1 a.m. downtime for updates. Both items, however, are trash.

“It’s not good, I don’t see it being used in competitive play or regular play,” YouTube Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30 said. “The glider is just too slow.”

So, it’s a bad weapon, but what else is there? I didn’t bring you here for the weapons, but for the extra things that came with it. Along with the addition of the new scopes revolver and the itemized glider in the 7.20 update, a mysterious orb in the sky had appeared on the Fortnite map.

When you built up to the ball your screen got covered in frost and was impossible to see, so basically you were just waiting to fall to your death or get sniped from the near campers.

With that being said, there was for sure going to be map changes in this event, but the question obviously is what is it? Before today’s event of the blizzard, the Ice King appeared inside the ball with Kevin the Cube, the notorious purple cube that changed Loot Lake into Leaky Lake and left dead spots in the grass of the map.

One thing that really gave us a hint of what was going to happen was the countdown shown in the TV’s scattered across the map the led us at around 7:00 p.m. of January 19th. Now there are challenges and prizes to be won.

“This is insane. The whole map is covered in snow!” YouTuber Synclide said.

When the event came, the ice ball burst and the Ice King that lurked within made a larger projection of himself and sent a storm into the map. The clouds of snow congested every players’ view. Then, POOF. The map was completely coated in snow. Along with that, they added Ice Legions that spawn Ice Fiends.

“I thought they’d bring back the zombies. Yo, they got the legendary one too. Bro this event is so cool,” YouTuber Ali-A said.

In about 37 days, Season 7 will end and this will play a big role in the next season’s theme. Somehow, this will link into what will come in Season 8. The Ice King may take Kevin and completely freeze him, giving him a new purpose or he could also just melt away with some other character that defeats him. One things is for sure: this event isn’t just what it is now.