Q&A with Jose

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jose Malfavon, a custodian at A-TECH who many of us see everyday. Now, you will get the chance to know him as I do:

What is your position/job here at A-TECH?

“My official position is as the day custodian which practically means I am responsible that the facility is ready for students to arrive at. I’m the first one to get to this school every morning, so I make sure all the doors and restrooms are open and ready to go for the rest of the day.”

How long do you have here working at A-TECH?

“Well, let me think. I’ve been working at this school since 2005, but I’ve been working for Clark County since 2003. I believe this is currently my fourth generation of A-TECH graduates. Thankfully, I have a really good relationship with my bosses and my coworkers and my bosses, so I am able to keep a positive attitude at all times which contributes to a positive learning environment for the students.”

In broad terms, what are your family dynamics like?

“Recently, my wife and I reached 21 years of marriage. Our anniversary was actually the 11th of January. We have two kids together and three in total. My oldest son is turning 21 years-old and my youngest is almost 19. My daughter in the other hand is the 30 years-old, and I have three grandchildren from her. I love them all so much, I truly am a lucky man.”

How do you feel being married for 21 years?

“Wow, it feels like it was only yesterday. It feels good, when you’re happy time just flies you know? I mean nothing has changed between us since the first day I met her and I know its been so long, but it feels amazing.”

What are your thoughts about working with kids?

“OMG, it’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful to me because to work with students in high school particularly, is a great opportunity for me to have an impact in those students lives, as well as they do in mine. Whenever I am given the chance, I try to orientate [the students] and set them up for greatness. Whatever help the students need, I always try to be of assistance.”

What kind of influence do you want to over kids at A-TECH?

“I want kids at A-TECH to learn from me. Personally, I’m still learning from all of you because everybody is different and bring different things to the table. I want the kids to see who and how I am, so in the future when they have their jobs, they can relate with everything I taught them. I always try to teach students to be a good person. It’s pretty simple, you just have to have your heart and mind open  at all times, and you have to make sure you do everything in your life with good intentions.

It’s like a passion for me to be here, with the kids and the teachers, and to have the opportunity to help everybody. I don’t know, I just love to do it. If I were to get another job, it would be completely different because I’m comfortable here, because you and all the teachers have made me comfortable, and I’m so grateful for that.”

Why do you drive a scooter around?

“Well to me, it’s a thank you to my bosses, the principal and vice principal, for letting me even ride the scooter indoors. It’s easier for me to get around school on my scooter because I walk the whole day, but at the same time it’s part of my personal equipment. If there would to be an emergency, I can just hop on my scooter and boom, I’m there in a minute or two, whereas if I walk, it takes me longer. But I always have to be careful and make sure I don’t hit anybody. The good thing is I’m very good at it, so I can jump and brake in any moment.”

Do you have any cool talents or hobbies?

“I love to dance. I like dancing ‘bachata,’ ‘musica ranchera’ and ‘cumbia’. To be honest, I just love all music in general, but I truly love salsa. I enjoy dancing with my wife and with whoever is willing to have fun and enjoy themselves while dancing. When I was younger, I would always go to ‘bailes’ with my friends and just dance all night until my feet got sore. Occasionally, I’ll go to a party or two now days and just dance with my wife and have a good time.”

Describe yourself in three words.

“Easy. Happy, kind, and loving. I’m a very happy person and I just want everybody to be happy as well. When you give a smile to anybody, your gonna get that back. A simple hello or a high five can honestly make someone’s day. A lot of people don’t feel like they have anyone, and it saddens me. I see it here especially, where people are just walking through the hallways in their own world and it’s nice when you  wave or say hi to them, just to make them smile. For a lot of people, it makes their day and then they’ll feel good, and I’ll feel good.”



Favorite color?


Favorite food?


Favorite movie?


Favorite novela/television show?

El Senior De Los Cielos.

Favorite type of music?


Favorite artist?

Ricky Martin.

Favorite animal?


Favorite sport?


Favorite team?

Club America.


“Besides my family, of course, you guys as students are my motor. I love coming to work everyday and being surrounded by such wonderful people. And trust me, I’m not going anywhere.”


Parts of this interview was translated from Spanish.