Shivering in A-TECH?

Here at A-TECH, no one can escape the cold temperatures. Either your sweater can’t keep you warm anymore or being an A-TECH student, there was no time to look for warm clothes.

As a student, you can only do little to warm up a classroom. However, within keeping yourself warm, there are variety of methods to do so.

First of all, you can wear extra layers of clothing, and maybe find an outfit you never thought of.

However, since clothes are being used more, laundry will pile up quick. If you’re not a fan of laundry, you can try to wear mostly black, which absorbs heat.     

The downfall of wearing black is you need to be around light to get warmth and your skin might get irritated by the heat if it becomes too intense. Being in the sunlight can also help you become warm, but can burn your skin if exposed to the sun too much.

If wearing clothes isn’t your prefered option, then you can make your favorite warm drink. If you can’t heat up anything at home, the SAC has microwaves which students can use.  

If you can’t handle the heat of that coffee or hot cocoa, then you can fidget or move around as much as you can. Fidgeting and moving around can result in helping you focus or making you or others around distracted.

For freshmen and sophomores who have difficulty fidgeting or moving around in class, try to actually participate in P.E. instead of doing the minimum. For the student body as a whole, exercising or participating in a game of soccer or basketball in the morning or at lunch can also be a solution to the cold. Yes, this can cause you to sweat, have body sores, be tired, or smell if you don’t put deodorant or cologne, but in the end gives you a sense of compilation and warmth.

Also, when you’re not wearing your gym clothes, you can use them as back up mittens. However, this can limit the use of your hands with certain tasks. Another option that can keep your hands free is using a heat pack. With the heat pack, however, you can only use it for a certain amount of time.

The options don’t end there, so with technology advancing, who know how else we can stay warm.