The Perfect First Date

First dates are very important. This is the time where you get to know the person that you are interested in a little more. This is the opportunity for you to see what you like about the person, and what you don’t like. If they are sweet and have manners, or if they eat with their mouth open and are cheap. The most common first date that people seem to have is the movie date. I was wondering what others opinions were about the perfect movie to watch on a first date. Sophomore Justin Mykovich thought laughter was the best way to go.

“I instantly think comedy. I like it when people laugh, I like laughing. Who doesn’t like laughing? The movie we would watch would depend on the person and their humor. The movie would be based off of that.”

Comedy might be a great way to start off the date, but freshman Sebastian Castro believed a mix of two genres could make the perfect movie.

“I would watch a little bit of action and romance, like a mix of both. It adds some suspension and some romance that you can relate to. Jumanji is a good one because there is a lot of action and adventure, and at the end, there is a couple that get together.”

When you take a significant other to a movie, you probably want to choose a good movie, that isn’t the case with, Junior Nico Villafuerte.

“Bring them to a bad movie, a lot more to talk about at the end. If you take them to a really dumb movie then at the end you guys can both complain about it and you both will have something to relate over. It creates more conversation then watching a good movie.”

Junior Yassen Shah also agreed with Villafuerte and thought that it would create a better connection.

“A bad drama comedy because in a date you are supposed to be together. If there is a bad movie such as a drama comedy, you will bond. You will be able to have so much more time with whoever your partner is. We would probably see something nobody really likes to watch, like a low rated box office movie.”

The movie that you watch with someone special isn’t really what matters, the connection and memories you make are something that will stick with you forever. So no matter the movie, have fun and live life to the fullest with that person you would watch any film with!