Defense Against Data Loss

On Tuesday, January 15, students in AP Computer Science Principles began to learn how to encrypt and decrypt data. They’ll be making it so only certain people can view data through the encryption.

“[Encryption] is where you take messages and the different techniques to ‘encrypt’ [messages] and make it hard to read,” advisor Sam Winn stated. “[They’ll] then send it to someone who will put it back together.”

There are millions of ways to encrypt information, the most prominent being AES, 3DES, Twofish, and RSA. AES is considered one of the most protected ways to encrypt information.

“[We use encryption] so people can’t see messages in between you and me,” Winn explained. “We have online tools to help them do it [so it is more secure].”

Winn teaches both Computer Science Principles and Cyber Security, so he should be knowledgeable about the subject. Along with that, encryption was also talked about with favor between the Computer Science students.

“I thought [encryption] was great,” freshman Jorge Aguilar stated. “We have the ability to send each other messages. You can even take it as far as using secret code to keep it protected, so only the sender and receiver can understand [the message].”

“Oh, they’re going to love it,” Winn, stated. “[The students] like this kind of stuff.”