Video Game Wrecks Local’s Emotions: Part Two

Now, it’s one thing to be able to watch someone else play video games to get a feel for it, but nothing beats actually playing the game yourself and getting the heart-pumping moments many gamers live for. And trust me, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is chock-full of moments where the only thing you’ve got is a fast-beating heart and low-stamina wheel.

None of my feelings for the game have changed since being able to play it myself. The game’s open world is amazing, and the storyline still makes me get all teary like the first time I saw it, and the graphics are not something to scoff at. To be able to look out from a tower into the open world was amazing, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time on towers to look for shrines and other towers, so the view is definitely something nice.

Now, this isn’t to say some feelings haven’t gotten stronger. I definitely still feel despair at the fate of the champions and flinch at sudden enemies, but nothing beats the genuine fear I have for the game. Countless times, I’ve muttered ‘oh no, oh no, oh no,’ to myself as enemies spot me and as my stamina wheel completely depletes and sends me plunging down the side of a cliff to my death, but there’s still one thing that completely leaves me frozen with fear and even haunts me in my dreams.

Guardians. The ancient pottery taking revenge on Link and quick scoping me from across an entire field while scuttling over like it’s all a fun pastime for them. The music that plays when a guardian has spotted you, decayed or not, is enough to make my heart race and make me text my friends who have completed 290+ hours of their own games in blind panic.

Not only are these guys able to laser shoot you from large distances (even if you dodge!), but once they see you, they chase you even if you get out of their sight. They go to your last known position and look around, ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. They’re near towers, in shrines, in fields, on mountains, EVERYWHERE. I’ve died by flinging myself off of mountaintops to avoid them, but still had a sizable amount of my total deaths caused by them and leave me crying at the sight of the ‘GAME OVER’ screen.

Literally nothing else has terrified and terrorized me as much as the guardians. I have stood in the middle of a Lizalfos floating camp thing after gliding on over and stole their treasure and not only did they not notice me doing that, but they also didn’t notice when I took pictures of them to try to figure out what they were doing there. Bokoblins have replenished my arrow supply because they suck at aiming. Lynels walk in a pattern and are easily avoidable as long as you don’t draw their attention. Everything else in the game can be worked around!

In summary, Breath of the Wild is still a fantastic game and I love all the scenery, characters, and quests, but I absolutely would sell my soul to whatever deity may be listening to get guardians to leave me alone! Seriously, I just want to roam, not get one shot killed!