Criminal Justice Moving Towards Mock Trials

Just recently, the Criminal Justice One class, taught by Courtney Stern, started off their new semester heading into a beginning of mock trials. Both of Stern’s only criminal justice classes, periods one and two, aren’t far into the mock trial process just yet, but are slowly approaching an end goal with one step at a time.

Mock Trial is where individuals come together and participate in rehearsed trials of what a real trial would look like. Mock Trial is used to learn more about the legal system and to grasp an inside aspect of what happens in the real trials.

Neither of the classes are quite as close to a real mock trial, but will most definitely get there shortly. So far, both classes have split into groups of a few students. Each group is representing a law firm that they as a group named. The students within each group will work together throughout the project and will eventually perform an actual mock trial collectively.

“My partners are Cody and Paola, two people who I’m great friends with. I am very excited to start working together with them as our own law firms and prepare for the mock trial,” freshman Kyrene Concepcion said.

Along with Concepcion, Carlos Reza agreed by saying, “I think it’s going to teach me a lot and I’m very excited to start.”

With a project like this, you can just imagine how excited the students are to start.

“I can’t wait to perform our mock trial and to be able to get an inside view of these trials. We also get aspect on our mock trial team, some of us might even find something we really enjoy,” freshman Cody Lai said.