30 Years Into the Future

Everyone wonders what the future is going to be like, whether it be their future or the future of the world as as a whole.

The 1985 movie ‘Back to the Future’ made some predictions on what 2015 was going to be like. Some ideas ended up coming true and some of them not so much. Well what about 30 years from 2015? The year 2045. Just how advanced are we going to be? Well based on current trends, I’ve been able to put together a list of things that will probably be a reality by 2045.

Flying cars:

Ok so I know this sounds corny, and you’ve probably heard this theory a million and one times. Just hear me out. I am convinced flying cars are going to be a thing by 2045 and here’s why: In Japan there’s already a levitating train. The technology already exists, all that is left is to do is make it more accessible to the general public. I believe contractors will be able to improve this technology as well as implement into cars in the next 30 years.  

Female Presidents:

America has made a lot of stride towards the equality of the sexes, and I believe in the next 30 years we would’ve elected its first female president and possibly even more. The 2016 election was the first time a woman was nominated to represent a major political party in the race to become the president. In addition to that a lot of polls suggested that Hillary was going to win the election. Despite the fact she lost, the 2016 election was a big win for women in politics.

Robots Take Over:

When I say robots take over I don’t mean they dominate the world and kill all humans like you see in those cheesy Sci-fi movies; I mean they take away jobs from everyday Americans. This is something that we’re already seeing happening in San Francisco. There’s a machine that makes burgers, and it’s more effective than humans, as well as cheaper.  There’s a huge chance this will be more recurring in the future as technology advances.

Social Isolation:

Even currently a lot of people are extremely socially isolated, and a lot of it stems from technology. People have little to no reason to leave their house. They can work from home, order what they want online, take online classes etc. So there really isn’t a need to leave your house more of a want. This will probably spike by the 2045 because their will be even more advancements in technology, which will lessen the need to go out. Lack of going out will limit human interaction which will cause an increase in social isolation.

Cancer becomes the new flu:

OK I know this sounds bad, and it is, but it’s not exactly what you’re thinking. Due to technological advances there will more than likely be an increase in the amount of radiation in the atmosphere. This increase in the amount of radiation would more than likely cause cancer rates to go up. Cancer could possibly become the new flu. It would be easy to get, but just as easy to get rid off. Over the next 30 years, there will be a major medical breakthrough and the elimination of cancer would be as easy as taking a pill. Hence making cancer the new flu

Great depression 2.0:

Over the next 30 years there is a possibility that America will have another major recession. This will stem from the fact that robots will take over people’s jobs, which will cause unemployment rates to skyrocket. If people lose their jobs, they can’t afford to purchase things which would hit the economy affecting both the rich and everyday Americans as a whole.

Less Privacy:

Now I am convinced that over the next 30 years, Americans are going to have less privacy than they have ever had in recorded history. I’m not just talking about big data being collected about anything and everything, I’m talking about camera’s lined up on the streets watching your every move. Currently in China there’s a huge surveillance system that has been put in place in an effort to reduce crime rate. Just walking down a bridge two or three CCTV cameras can be spotted. Over the next 30 years there’s a possibility that other countries will adopt this policy as well as intensify it.