Trendy Fashion You Didn’t Know Was From A Different Decade

With the start of the New Year, plenty of new fashion trends are undoubtedly on their way in. Nowadays, fashion is very important to teens and young adults. Everyone wants to fit in with all the trendy accessories and clothing. However, many of the trends that are currently fashionable aren’t really anything new.


Off the shoulder shirt: Off the shoulder shirts haven’t changed as much throughout decades. In the 70’s, shirt selection was nowhere near as massive as it is now. The common off the shoulder shirt was usually flowy and white. Now there are plenty of designs from plain colors to extraordinary designs.

Something else that was different since the 70’s was accessories. In the 70’s they would accessorize it with a hippie headband or with colorful pants and platform. Now we would accessorize it with plain jewelry, jeans, and flats or sneakers.

Platform shoes: Back in the 70’s platforms were also a big hit. For a few decades platforms have changed, and were changed to fit the current generations. Flashback to the 70’s, platforms was more of a vintage high heel. They were dull and not really appealing to the eye.

In current time, platforms have been created in different styles. They can be extreme to having very thick soles to others looking casual. It just depends on the style others are into. The most popular shoe that teens have are the Vans Platforms.  

“I find them really nice because I own a pair of checkered platforms. I feel very powerful when I have them on, and they look really different than other shoes,” freshman Arlette Corona said.


In the 1980’s, fashion was all about color, experimentation, and size.

Fishnets: Fishnets were the rage in the 80’s. Everything was fishnet. Fishnet socks, fishnet tights, and fishnet gloves. Fishnet has come back in style, but not that many fishnet items are as popular as before. However, fishnet tights have been a big thing in the current time. Many usually wear fishnet tights under jeans to have a little rock ‘n’ roll touch to it. If you want a more 80’s touch to your outfit, then add some fishnet socks.  

Fanny pack: Throughout the 80’s, fanny packs started to become a thing. Many people would usually wear fanny packs when they were jogging or were just going on an adventure. Around in the 2010’s when people thought about fanny packs they would think about non-stylish people wearing it or tourist. However, now fanny packs have grown on people and many famous designers have created fanny packs. The most popular store that creates fanny packs is Supreme.

Scrunchies: The most popular item from the 80’s is scrunchies.

“I believe that scrunchies are really in style, fashionable, and super cute. They let you style your hair without having any creases from regular rubber bands or ponytail, and there are many different colors, designs, etc. Overall, I love scrunchies,” freshman Leah Dockendorf said.

Scrunchies are found at almost all famous shops that teens shop at, like Forever 21, H&M, Rue 21, and Urban Outfitter.


Ripped Jeans: The first time that ripped jeans actually started to become popular was in the 90’s. Back in the 90’s grungy clothes have been the popular clothing trend.

Throughout the decades ripped clothes have changed. In the 90’s, ripped jeans range to small rips and having a more chic look to them, to having the whole pants covered in complete rips. Nowadays ripped jeans are generally ripped on the knees or around the thigh areas, and the rips are more precise and clean looking rips.  

Crop tops: Crop tops weren’t just popular in the 90’s. Crop tops were a thing in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and also the 80’s. The reason why crop tops have blown up ever since the 90’s is that multiple famous figures have worn crop tops. Somehow, crop tops have crawled their way back to current time. Many wear them as athletic wear or cute everyday styles. It is super easy for anyone to find their style that fits their needs. The majority of stores have numerous amount of different crop tops.


Tracksuits: When you hear the 2000’s the only thing you think about is tracksuits. The most popular tracksuit in the 2000’s is the classic juicy couture tracksuit. Britney Spears, Paris, J.Lo, and all the other numerous famous celebrities that were on the magazines. You may think that tracksuits aren’t a thing anymore in current times, but the Adidas tracksuit is one of the most famous things that people buy from Adidas. There are countless ways to style the tracksuits with, for example, mixing the pants or shirt with something different.

Denim on denim: Back in the 2000’s, the famous duo Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were the first to wear denim on denim. The fashion has changed a bit since the 2000’s. In the 2000’s denim dresses were a thing. Nowadays, denim dresses aren’t really a thing anymore and denim flannels with a different colored shirt and jeans are more in style.

Overall, every decade has a unique style that represents their own decade. Some decades collide with their fashion depending on the taste of others and the dislikes and likes of each decade.