Are All Pitbulls Aggressive?


Ana- Maria Boboc

There are so many controversial topics these days. One of which has been around for a while: are pitbulls are aggressive or not? Here are the views of some of the students at A-TECH.

“I don’t think pitbulls are aggressive, because all dogs are sweet at heart, it depends on how good the environment is that they were raised in,” said sophomore Mackenzie Baack.

Studies have shown that pitbulls aren’t aggressive and are actually a very sweet breed. A junior, David Fleisher, agrees.

“A dog’s aggression is directly related to how they’re treated. Not their breed,” Fleisher said.

Many A-TECH students seem to think that pitbulls are sweet, lovable dogs.

“Pitbulls are very fun to be around, and most are very sweet. They aren’t different from any other dog,” said freshman Kyle Gohr.