A-TECH’s CyberPatriot Team: Rookie All-Stars


Jeremiah Mendoza

CyberPatriot team before starting their tournament

A-TECH’S Cyberpatriot is currently in 4th place in state and 22% worldwide and gets closer to reaching the number 1 spot. On January 11, 2019, the A-TECH Cyber team competed in the state semifinals and is indefinite where they will get to. So far, they have been zooming through every challenge.

“We are currently top 33% in the US and 22% worldwide,” team member Cade Romero said.

The Cyber team has succeeded in every challenged they’ve faced and have left most of the competition in the dust. This is the team’s second year competing and they have already gained a platinum ranking (one of the best).

“My team has been so well together to help each other. Even though they’re competitive, they’re very collaborative, and I love it,” club leader Melissa Perrin Smith explained. “They’ve taking things on themselves, one person that would be strong in something would teach the rest of the team how to do it… they are creating a team that will last A-TECH a long time.”

The team has improved outstandingly from last year. The CyberPatriot team from last year only had 5 members and didn’t get too far in the competition and did not do too well either.

“Last year’s competition was pitiful,” Romero said.

But this year, the team has 4 teams and 35 team members. While the results are in waiting, Smith has high hopes for this year’s team and thinks they have a fighting chance to make it to the top spot.

“I’m pretty sure, for the United States, we’re probably going to semi-finals… it will be very, very competitive,” Smith said.

With the incoming results being revealed in these next days, the CyberPatriot team will continue working to the number one spot and hopefully get a chance to see Steve Sisolak in person. The team continues to strive and will do what it takes to be the best.