Mr. Charles’ Nose Reacts: Government Shutdown

As the current government shutdown runs thousands of employees all around the country dry from their wallets to their will to keep working, I interview Mr. Charles’ nose as he gives us the snot and tissue over his opinion on this impacting event.


Could you introduce yourself for us, Mr. Nose?

“hffh” exhaled Mr. Charles’ nose.

Thank you. Now, may I ask, what are your political views, Mr. Nose? And how do you feel about the impact the Trump presidency has made in this country?

“hhhhooo” sniffed Mr. Charles’ nose, letting in a small gust of air.

Ahhh I see. Have you personally felt the effect that this presidential administration has had on your everyday life? What effects are they?

“feeooof” wafted Mr. Charles’ nose, with a hint of gusto.

Now, concerning this government shutdown, how do you feel about it? Do you believe that the cost of thousands of federal workers unable to receive their next paycheck is worth passing a bill?

Mr. Charles’ nose crinkled.

Insightful. How do you believe this nation will be impacted if this continues on for any longer, soon to become the longest government shutdown in history?

“eeeeeeef” breathed Mr. Charles’ nose, thrice, each noticeably less pristine than the last.

Why do you say so?

“hhoooooooooooooooo” slowly airily expelled Mr. Charles’ nose.

Thank you for letting me interview you, Mr. Nose. It’s been an honor to get to know you.

“Can you stop talking to my nose now?” asked Mr. Charles.