The issue of the building of the U.S. – Mexico border wall has been prominent since President Donald Trump’s campaign, and now it is being pursued.

A post was made that $12.6M was raised in four days to “building the wall” though that money may or may not be accepted by the government, it has become an issue.

To begin with, the wall should not be first priority, if the government is going to use people’s tax money many would like them to use it on schools that need to be fixed, helping water problems, and making prisons more secure, etc. If people agree with the wall’s construction that is a different debate, but how about fixing the flaws that schools continue to complain about including the little things like healthier, tastier lunches, or better security for our schools.

The fundraiser contributes to the main issue which is what is not being prioritized. There are popular fundraisers to ‘help’ the walls construction but none for our other countries problems, even though, money isn’t really accepted from people besides taxes. Maybe we are not speaking loud enough about the issues, but the government knows and the president sees.

Maybe even mentioning the fundraiser contributes to the problem but we need to prioritize the important issues. Some people might not care but we should, we really need to talk more about it so everyone can see what is needed.

To see the fundraiser page, click on the link below: