UFOs in the Real World


Cayla Crouse

Student-Edited Shot of a U.F.O. Over New York

Beginning students on a path of real world preparation, Kelly Charles’s Graphic Design I class is working on an after effects project at the start of third quarter.

“We’re doing this project because a majority of graphic design jobs require a well-rounded person who can do 2-D, 3-D, and motion graphics,” said Charles.

Being a master of one trade is no longer enough in this growing competitive world, especially with the increase in technological influence. In graphics specifically, there is a yearning for more to create a satisfying picture on screen, requiring the list of skills for those off screen to grow.

Freshman Alejandro Yanez Ledesma said, “[Charles] wants to teach us more things in graphics and wants us to be more versatile.”

The world requires well-rounded individuals to keep it running, so Graphic Design I students have already settled on the right path.

Junior Jhonatan Martinez Barrios said, “We incorporate both pictures and video to add a realistic UFO to a scene.”

Both the teacher and students have said that the project is rather simple.

Charles said, “The whole point is to make things look real and it shows [the students] that nothing they see is real. It’s the first of many 3-D motion projects, and they don’t get–harder, necessarily, but they do get more intricate.”

Students looking for a future in graphics still have daunting tasks ahead in their future graphic design classes, much greater than unknown flying objects.