Farewell, Canes; You Shall Be Missed

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Farewell, Canes; You Shall Be Missed

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Friday, January 11, was the last day that Canes will be sold during lunches here at A-TECH because, after looking at the numbers, elevated prices were deemed non-profitable according to Principal Jonathan Synold.

Local Canes franchises have been purchased by separate company, and soon after, decided that they were not making enough money to make it worth while of going through all the necessary troubles, such as having to get extra staff in the mornings, since the food had to be at A-TECH earlier than most of their stores were open. All this hassle was just creating a lot of issues that weren’t in the fiances for it, according to Synold.

“Once our last prepayment is over, which is on January 11, we will no longer have Canes for sale, nor will any high school according to the new company,” Synold went on to say.

Therefore, Canes will no longer be sold at any local high schools due to an increase of prices.

“We basically ended up not fundraising any money, so it wasn’t worth it. [Canes] wanted to increase the price pretty significantly, about a buck fifty,” said Greg Bailey, whose senior business classes are currently responsible for selling  food and snacks at A-TECH’s student store and cafe.

The original contract between the old owners of Canes and A-TECH was that Canes would profit $0.75 from every box sold at A-TECH. A-TECH would then receive $0.25 from Canes, which would be used to fund clubs.

When asked if he would like to keep selling Canes at A-TECH, Bailey responded with,”Only if it’s a good fundraiser; I’m not here to keep Canes in business, so if they can’t sell it to us for a pretty low price because it does promotes their product, then I’m fine with us not carrying it. As a school, we need to make a profit in order to fund clubs and everything like that.”

Now let’s hear what some students have to say.

“I know all of the students here at A-TECH really enjoy eating Canes, just look at how quickly they sell out. I think we should find out a way so that both our school and Canes profit, that way we as students can continue to eat Canes,” freshmen Noah Pendleton said.

On the contrary to common feelings, sophomore Maria Perez isn’t upset that Canes won’t be sold anymore.

“I have never bought Canes once in my life and I don’t intend to, so this doesn’t really effect me,” Perez said.

Sophomore Alyssa Mullikan shares similar thoughts to those of Perez.

“I’ve tried Canes, and I didn’t like it. I think the chicken is way too dry and that’s why I never get it, so to be honest, I don’t care if they aren’t going to be sold anymore,” Mullikan said.

Freshmen Arlette Corona now faces a dilemma in finding her next favorite meal at school.

“I’m pretty sad that my favorite food to eat at school, which is Canes, is going to be taken away. I would literally be the first in line whenever Canes were being sold. Now what am I going to eat every Friday?” Corona questioned.

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