Ask Your Parents to Approve Your Academic Plan

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Ask Your Parents to Approve Your Academic Plan

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The deadline for A-TECH students’ parents to approve their children’s academic plan is Friday, January 11, 2019.

In order to approve students’ academic plan, parents can log in to Infinite Campus by using their parent portal account.

“Each year, secondary students, parents, and school counselors work together to develop and/or update the student’s academic plan,” Assistant Principal Roseann Hill said. “In addition, each year the plan must be approved by the parent/guardian, the student and the school counselor.”

This academic plan is important to students since it displays the student’s Academic Program, future courses, and the graduation requirements. Additionally, this plan also shows students’ interest and goals.

“My mom approved my academic plan,” sophomore Sydney Wattenberg said. “It’s important because it lets me plan out my future classes and be aware of the prerequisites for the classes I’m going to take.”

Parents can approve their children’s plan only after students have unadapted their plan for next school year.

“Approval can only happen through the parent’s login,” Hill said.

Parents can follow the Academic Plan Parent Approval Instructions to approve their children’s academic plan. They may also contact the registrar if they have any questions.

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