‘Persona 5’ Deserves to Be on the Nintendo Switch



Cover art for ‘Persona 5’

Persona 5 is a masterpiece of a game. Created in 2016 by Atlus and westernized in 2017, the game’s protagonist was even announced to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game deserves every bit of attention it gets, with stunning graphics to one of the best original soundtracks.

Simply looking at the pause menu alone can tell you one thing: this is a great game. I could drone all day about how smooth and flawless just the pause screen is.

The music is a mix of rock and jazz blended together to make songs that I’d rank as my top favorites. “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” and “Beneath the Mask” are my two favorites.

However, these are all just reasons why you should go out and play the game — not why it should be ported from the PS4 to the Nintendo Switch. Yet that’s exactly why it should be ported. Persona 5, despite already being on the line of a niche game and mainstream, genuinely deserves to be seen in the eyes of the public.

Imagine this. You’re shopping for someone. They never told you about what they really liked, except for the fact that they had the newest and fanciest product from Nintendo: a Switch. While browsing through the electronic isles of Wal-Mart, you stop at the little section dedicated to Nintendo. There it is, a newly added stock of Persona 5. Or you’re browsing through the depths of Amazon, or even the Nintendo eShop. The idea still stands, no matter where you see it.

The only main reason that I’ve seen to counter Persona 5 coming to the Nintendo Switch is that it’s a “bad financial decision.” I’ve heard people state “if they were going to port the game, it would’ve been before the holidays.”

How would this affect them now, however? It’s January; the holidays are over. Yes, it would’ve made more sense to release it earlier, but what about issues that came up? It could’ve taken longer than expected, and they can’t announce it yet.

However, there is one thing of note. Atlus has reserved two domain names, P5R and P5S. Atlus is known for making little acronyms for their spinoffs, such as ‘P5A,’ short for Persona 5: The Animation. I’m saying this in advance, P5S better be Persona 5 Switch. If it’s not, why? There are so many good reasons for Persona 5 to come to the Nintendo Switch.

Please, Atlus, port Persona 5 to the Nintendo Switch.