Road to the Super Bowl

Road to the Super Bowl


The road to the Super Bowl was a full of crazy highlights. Now we are at the prized Super Bowl, and the road was long but worth it for the two teams that advanced, the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. It all started with the wildcard round where the lower seeds fought each other for a chance to go against the 1 and 2 seed.

Wildcard Round

Texans vs. Colts

The first game of the wildcard round was the Texans vs. Colts, which was a one-sided game throughout the first three quarters with the score at half Colts up 21-0. The Texans finally got on the board during the fourth quarter with a touchdown but couldn’t complete a comeback. There’s not much to say on this game as the Colts dominated and the Texans couldn’t get the offense to shift.

Final Score : Colts 21 Texans 7

Seahawks vs. Cowboys

The second game of the wildcard round was the Seahawks vs. Cowboys which was a close game throughout. The game started off slow with the Cowboys ending the half up 10-6. Then the Seahawks come out strong to take the lead 14-10 with the only touchdown in 3rd quarter. Then in the fourth quarter the Cowboys sealed the deal with two touchdowns. winning even with the last minute Seahawks touchdown.

Final Score : Cowboys 24 Seahawks 22

Chargers vs. Ravens

The third game of wildcard round was the Chargers vs. Ravens  which a one sided game in favour of the Chargers leading 12-3 at the start of the fourth quarter. The Ravens had barely any offensive yards here but then started a fire in 4th quarter. The Ravens began scoring but the Charger were also on fire with scoring also. The game ended with a game winning stop on 4th down by the Charger to win by a touchdown.

Final Score : Chargers 23 Ravens 17

Bears vs. Eagles

The final game of the wildcard round was the Bears vs. Eagles and this game ended in a nail bitter. It although started off with the first quarter tied 3-3, but just before half the Bears with able to sneak in another good offensive drive, that ended the half Bears up 6-3. The Eagles were able to score 3rd quarter being the only score with Eagles up 10-6.  Then with the fourth quarter the Bears retook the lead with a field goal and a touchdown Bears up 15-10. The eagles although boomed out a final drive ending in a touchdown to take the lead by a point 16-15. Then the Bears took the last minute to drive in field goal range to win the game. Although when Cody Parker went for the kick, it hit the left post and then the bottom post and fell out but on the wrong side and the missed field goal lead to a lost by a point.

Final Score : Eagles 16 Bears 15

Then a weekend later the divisional round started place. With the winners of the wildcard game going against the 1st and 2nd seeds with their home field advantage. These were teams hoping for a win to go contend for the conference championship and if winning to contend for a Superbowl.

Divisional Round

Colts vs. Chiefs

The first game of  the Divisional round was the fifth seeded Colts taking on the number one Chiefs who were at home. This game was pretty much one sides for the first seeded Chiefs. As they started the first quarter strong with a lead of 14-0. They continued to maintain that lead with the another touchdown and a field goal before half. Meanwhile the Colts were struggling on offense with on one drive with a score that ended with a touchdown. The score at half was Chiefs 24 Colts 7. The Colts still continued the struggle on Offense and weren’t able to put up enough points for a comeback.

Final Score : Chiefs 31 Colts 13

Cowboys vs. Rams

The second game of the Divisional Round was the fourth seeded Cowboys taking on the second seeded Rams. The first half was a one sided half with the Rams showing how good their offense is putting up 20 points. The Cowboys were able to squeeze in a score in the first quarter but didn’t get anything to fall other than that, Rams lead 20 to Cowboys 7. The Cowboys start to get a fire going with the offense in the second half but, the Rams offense was also putting up points. The Cowboys were able to cut the lead to 8 points but weren’t able to complete a comeback.

Final Score : Rams 30 Cowboys 22

Chargers vs. Patriots

One of the least exciting games of this Round was the Charger vs. Patriots. The Patriots were on fire before the game even started and come out with it. In the first half alone there put up 35 points meanwhile the Chargers Struggled and only got 7 points. After the half the Patriots just had to hold Chargers and they did that. The Charger although were able to score 21 points but the lead was to big to catch.

Final Score : Patriots 41 Chargers 28

Eagles vs. Saints

The last game of the Divisional Round was one of the most exciting the number one seeded Saints took on the underdog sixth seeded Eagles. This game was a back and forth game throughout the whole game.  The Eagles jumped out first in the first quarter by taking a 14-0 lead.  Then in the second quarter the Saints were able to cut the lead down by 10 by scoring a touchdown and a field goal making the half score Eagles 14 Saints 10. The Saints then went on to hold the Eagles to many unsuccessful drives. While they were able to put up 10 more points making the score 20 to 14. Then the Eagles were able to get the ball back with 2:58 to go. The Eagles were able to drive down the field quick in need of a touchdown they could have won the game. Then with 1:55 left on the clock the Eagles QB Nick Foles threw a pass to WR Alshon Jeffery that went straight through his hands and into a defenders hands leading to a game winning pick.

Final Score : Saints 20 Eagles 14

After the Divisional Round there were only four teams left and with a win in their Conference Championship and also get a ticket to the Superbowl.

Conference Championships

NFC Championship

Saints vs. Rams

The NFC Championship was a match between the number one seed Saints and the number two seed Rams. This game was a close one throughout and was full of many highlights. The first drive of the game was taken by the Saints and they were able to drive down the field to around the 20 yard line. Then were not able to complete it into the end zone although and had to settle for the 3 points. The Rams then felt the pressure as QB Jared Goff was picked off on his own 20 yard line, but then again the Saints couldn’t find the end zone settling for another 3 points extending their lead by 6. The Rams continued to struggle on offense while the Saints picked up some slack and finally put up a touchdown to reach 13 points. The Rams were able to click before the end of half and put up 10 points. Making the score at half Saints 13 to Rams 10. The last two quarter were both shootouts having scores from both teams and the game staying close. With 2 minutes to go and the scored tied at 20 the Saints were able to drive downfield and score a field goal. Leaving the Rams 1:40 to score a gaming winning touchdown or game tying field goal. The Rams with their spectacular offense were able to drive down field. With 15 seconds to go the Rams were on 4th down and had to try to tie the game but kicker Greg Zuerlein was able to hit the 48 yard field goal meaning overtime. The Saints won the toss in overtime and took the ball, but QB Drew Brees was unable to finish off the game throwing a pick and giving the Rams a chance to win. The Saints were able to hold the Rams but because of the pick and the field advantage the Rams were able to kick a 57 yard field goal that Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein nailed again winning the Rams the game.

Final Score : Rams 26 Saints 23

AFC Championship

Chiefs vs. Patriots

The AFC Championship were between one Veteran filled team against a team with many young players, with the number one seed Chiefs taking on the number two seed Patriots. The first half of this game was a battle between defenses with not many scores within the first half. The Chiefs defense weren’t ready for the Patriots offense as they were able to put up 14 points in the first half while the Chiefs weren’t able to score any. The Chiefs then found a spark in the second half scoring first and cutting the lead. The Patriots were able to score a field goal but the Chiefs then scored again changing the tide of the game with a score of Patriots 17 to Chiefs 14. The Chiefs were able to score again taking the lead in the fourth quarter with a score of 21-17. Then with around 3:30 left in the fourth quarter the Patriots were able to score a touchdown and take back the lead of 24-21. The Chiefs then bounced back immediately with a touchdown in under two minutes retaking the lead again 28-24. Then again the Patriots drove downfield and scored taking the lead of 31-28 and leaving the Chiefs with only 39 seconds to either win the game with a touchdown or tie it with a field goal. The Chiefs however didn’t give up and drove down and leave a easy 39 field goal for kicker Harrison Butker, meaning the second overtime game of the day. The Patriots won the toss and took the ball and it was all downfield for the Chiefs there. The Patriots started to pick off exploits within the Chiefs defense and were able to score and win the game.

Final Score : Patriots 37 Chiefs 31

With those two exciting games, there are now only two teams left: the Rams and the Patriots. These two powerhouse teams will take each other on February 3rd in the most popular game in the United States, the Super Bowl. The winner will take home the Lombardi Trophy and the bragging rights that come with being a Super Bowl Champion.