Meeting Business

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Meeting Business

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On Sunday, February 10th, 2019, A-TECH’s DECA Team will be at the Rio Casino and Hotel to compete at the State Career Development Conference. This competition will run from the 10th of February all the way to the 12th.

“It’s a lot of things, it’s a conference because there are TED Talks you can go to where business officials can talk to you about your future, advise, anything they want to give you about your life,” DECA member Charles Weber said.

Although this meeting of business is a conference, it is also a competition as well.

“Kids from all over the state come to the Rio Hotel to compete,” Weber stated.

Weber describes this meeting of business as a conference and a competition, but also gives insight on Career Development.

“Each competition is revolved around business in some way, whether it be marketing, advertising, finance, etc. By competing you are improving your skills for the future because you have to teach yourself this stuff to perform well in the competition,” Weber stated.

The conference is meant to help students learn about business on their own in order to improve their skills in business. DECA members have been preparing for this competition for a while now, and they cannot wait to compete.

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