National Police Week 2016


Brandon Sumulong

Police equipment photo taken from a former police explorer

Brandon Sumulong

National Police Week begins on May 12 and the events runs from May 15 – 21 to honor the service and sacrifices of law enforcement officers that were killed in the line of duty. Since 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a law on May 15 to dedicate National Police week. In 1994, President Bill Clinton amended that the US flag is displayed at half-staff on federal buildings every May 15.

Law enforcement is one of the most stressful jobs. Every moment when a police officer is on duty, they experience danger, threats, and disrespect. A Police’s salary is very low; they have irregular hours. At any moment, they are faced with every inherent risk in stopping criminals and face the responsibility in saving someone’s life. The police are there to serve the people; it is their duty to protect and enforce the laws. Like an ordinary citizen, the police have families and they are people too. Their families and friends are worried. Witnessing a crime is hard to turn away especially if they aren’t on shift. More cops receive blames instead of appreciation. Law enforcement officials deal with many uncooperative citizens. The police are generally disliked and are accused of corruption until they are needed for something. They are told what to do and what people want them to say, then, they go back to disliking them. The media and political figures have negatively highlighted the police. Police officers are constantly training for their jobs and always act professional. Very few people appreciate their service.
Some members of Law enforcement are prior military. When they were overseas, they fought battles to give Americans opportunities and to live freely. As much as a police officer, they have also sworn an oath to defend the constitution. It is their duty to give Americans the right to live their lives with protection of the laws. Law Enforcement personals go through many hardships and they have done a lot without due recognition. During National Police week, we honor and remember Law enforcement officials that serve the public and making the streets safe.