Senior Ditch Day

Senior Ditch Day was the first day of third quarter so some seniors in high-school didn’t show up at school to either hang out with friends or to just take a rest at home for the day.

Senior Ditch Day is a day that students can use in many different ways, these are just a couple of ways Seniors spent Senior Ditch Day:

Some students spent their Ditch Day to catch up with friends and have some fun.

“I spent my time on Senior Ditch Day hanging out with one of my best friends, who was also ditching, and we went to grab some food. Overall, it was a great time to spend with someone so close, ” said senior Kayla La Rose.

While some Seniors took the day off, some others took the time to get some work done.

“I spent my Senior Ditch Day spending some time on my Senior Capstone, which I really needed. It was a great opportunity to catch up on my work,” said senior Daniel Magana.

While many students did participate in the ditch day, there were some students who chose to not skip school.

“I only didn’t ditch because I’ve had perfect attendance all of high-school and I wasn’t going to sacrifice for one day,”  said senior Isaac Carpenter.

Senior Ditch Day is a day that gives seniors many opportunities to do whatever they want to, which can be a good thing.