ACT Prep

On Wednesday’s and Friday’s after school in room 308, there will be ACT prep sessions for students with Courtney Stern.

The ACT test is an entrance exam which is a way to measure a high school student’s readiness for college.  This test is taken in the spring of a high school student’s junior year, or in the fall of their senior year.

English, Math, Reading, and Science are the four main parts of the test with Writing as an optional portion. This is an almost three hour long test adding on forty minutes with the decision to do the writing portion.

“I think that [the hardest part of the ACT] varies for each students but I think, in general, a lot of students struggle with the math. And it’s actually because the math is more basic than the math they’re taking… So, it’s not that the math is hard, it’s that it’s unfamiliar. I also think that timing is really difficult for a lot of kids. There are a lot of questions and not a lot of time and students need to learn how to pace themselves,” said Stern.

Any students interested in taking the prepping class for this exam can see Stern in room 308 for dates and times but are generally meeting on Wednesdays and Fridays after the busses.

In this class, students will do practice tests, go over it, and review content. This will allow for students to identify what they need to practice. Strategies for how to plan timing and how to approach each question will also be discussed.

“It’s a combination of skills for the test, test taking skills, and actual content,” said Stern.

It is advised to the junior class, by Stern, to take a look at their Pre-ACT results to help guide their practice.

“I always think that diagnostic tests are useful to figure out what their strengths and weakness are so they know what to practice,” says Stern.

The average score of this exam is twenty-one and the maximum being thirty-six. The cost of this test is $50.50 without the writing portion and $67.00 with the writing.