New Year, New Me? Not Really

Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. The year is only beginning! Bring on the new year with fresh starts or spiraling downfalls. Around this time, new resolutions are created and are either seen through or, like most goals, wasted away with the rest of the resolutions.

When you ask a student about their resolutions, you may be surprised by what they plan for the new year and what they actually achieve. Students had a lot to say about their goals for 2019.

For some, most New Year’s are the time to achieve more. For junior Ariana Boorboor, 2019 is the time to get her education and life in check.

¨One resolution I made this year was to create a flexible, yet respective schedule that I can adhere to for the year. I plan on reaching this resolution and sticking to it. One resolution I actually kept was to live in the moment because after I set that resolution, I had more spontaneous actions,” Boorboor said.

“I feel that 2019 is the year for revival and redemption. I aim to prioritize my schooling and my education for the future since I am a junior and I need to focus on college and my standardized test. I look forward to improving myself as a whole and hope to achieve leadership positions in clubs such as STU-CO, DECA, and maybe Speech and Debate,” Boorboor continued.

Others would say that this year is the time to better oneself and take tasks seriously.  Freshman Addison Andrews says that this year is the same for her.

“[One resolution I made was] to work harder and get my stuff done as soon as I can with as much effort put into it as possible. I plan on reaching that goal and sticking to it. I haven’t stuck to any of my resolutions because they were mostly childish, but this year I am really gonna take it seriously. So far, 2019 hasn’t been the greatest for me, but I feel like it is going to get better over time. I look forward to what the semester is going to show me, how it’s gonna reflect in my future,” Andrews said.

For seniors, 2019 is the time that they are released into the real world. Senior Lucas Dean said that he plans on getting things done to make life go a lot easier for him.

“One resolution I made for this year was to procrastinate a little less on my assignments. I plan on sticking to my resolution because I know when I get things done it makes things easier. The one resolution that I kept was to work out a bit more and be more active in my responsibilities. 2019 has actually been a more productive year for me, and it has been great! I find myself focusing on things that are more important and it overall makes life easier. Overall, a great start to the new year,” Dean said.

2019 is the year to get things done and make things happen. For most, it was to better their education and for others to better themselves. A lot of resolutions are being made for the new year, but only some are kept. The new year will bring lots of surprises and many interesting events. Students are looking forward to what the future may bring.