First A-TECH Improv Competition


Jessica Geiselhart

Students from the improv team competed in their first competition Saturday January 12 at Mojave High School, and won.

The competition team in improv has 4 students but the students that will be competing rotate at the different competitions. Students have been practicing all of first semester and their performance determined who would compete.

Courtney Stern, their coach, was exceptionally eager for the first competition of the season to take place.  

¨I’m really excited for the students and I’m really proud of them for being brave enough to kind of take this on and try something new and I hope that our improv team and theater group grow over time. They’re really funny,” said Stern.

Although it may seem like it, performing at competitions isn’t mandatory, it’s a choice. Students can also come to the club to have fun and also learn new things while they are at it, competition is just a fun bonus.

Sophomore Michael Gatto felt the combination of both enthusiasm and the tension for this upcoming competition. 

“I’m really excited to be able to perform with my team. Since I’m in speech and debate I sort of have competition in my blood so I’m definitely jumped to get on stage and try to do our school proud. Doesn’t take the nerves of having our first improv competition though,” said Gatto.

Winning is based on audience applause, whichever team gets the most applause at the end is declared the winner. Wins don’t matter that much though, as all teams are able to enter the playoffs.