What’s Up There, Munchkin?

I get it. I’m 5’1. That is apparently short to you people.

The average height for a female fifteen year old is 5’4, but you don’t have to talk down to me. I am not invisible and I am not someone that you can just look over and be fine with it. I might have to look up to see you and you might have to look down to see me, but you don’t have to make that be such a big deal.

I am not a little baby, man. I probably matured way faster than you did. And you saying something about my height kind of proves my fact. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have to be taller than you. I’m not saying that I hate being short. In fact, I enjoy it, I like being tiny, but that doesn’t mean people have to make me feel like I’m nothing.

Like, I understand you’re proud of yourself for hitting puberty, but are you sure you matured if you’re making fun of someone for being just a couple inches shorter than you? I’ve been the same height since I started middle school. I stayed the same height coming into high school. That’s just how things have been. I have been pretty okay with my height. I didn’t like being taller than most of the guys in my class in sixth grade, so being short is good to me. I just can’t stand people who believe they are better than me just because they can see over me.

Like, yeah, you can ask me to stand next to you to check for a height reference to see how tall you are, but don’t make fun of me when you find out that you’re taller. I am insecure about enough things. You don’t have to bring physical features that I fully have no control over into the equation.

“Short people” in general, or at least most of the ones I know, have expressed their feelings towards arrogant people, mostly men, or boyish children, who have gotten their ego by idiotically explaining how they are more ‘macho’ for being even the smallest of an inch taller. I do not understand why people get the simplest of pleasures to see me be shorter than them.

There is not an award for being tall. There isn’t a random scholarship. Like, “Hey, so and so, want to go to college for free for being tall?” There aren’t scouts looking for people just because they tower over someone. So why do people get so much pleasure from it? This is something I will never understand about the human race. Why is being taller symbolizing that you are in some way better than someone when you actually cannot control the physical phenomenon of this world?

Just understand that you should not be talking down to people. Everyone around you is not just a pawn piece on your chess board. Just because you are taller does not mean that you can tell them what to do and how to act. Do not believe that you are royalty for the physicality of stupidity.