The Flaws in Our “Justice” System

Every day, every week, every month, every year, each and every person has their attention brought to the latest court case and ruling that has just recently happened in the United State of America. Throughout all of your social media platforms, these cases are plastered right in front of your face. Every time you see these images of people and their cases right in front of you, you can almost immediately see the flaws in what we call our “justice” system.  

Not only is there injustice in a lot of cases, but the ones we as individuals see the most are cases of rape, murder, and violence. The most popular cases we have seen are those of Cyntoia Brown and Jacob Walter Anderson.

Cyntoia Brown was sentenced on October of 2006 to life with possibility of parole for killing Johnny Allen. State officials said she must serve at least 51 years in prison before becoming eligible for release. Prosecutors even tried to push for more time because of aggravated robbery.

Many found this sentencing as unfair as the case circulated through the media. People including celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian found this trial unreasonable and advocated for Brown. Most believed the sentencing to be unfair because Brown was forced into prostitution by an abusive boyfriend with fear of her life.

Brown at the age of 16 was picked up by Allen at a Sonic drive-in. She said she was a teen prostitute and shot Allen, who was 43, because she thought he was reaching for the gun under his bed in an attempt to harm or kill her. Johnny Allen was found naked with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

In another case, Jacob Walter Anderson was let off with no jail time when he was accused of repeatedly raping a woman at a 2016 frat party. Judge Ralph Strother accepted a plea deal of no contest to a lesser charge of unlawful restraint. A ‘no contest’ plea deal means that a person doesn’t admit guilt, but will offer no defense.

Judge Strother has approved lenient punishment for men accused of sexual assault at least two other times  After Judge Strother accepted the plea deal, Baylor University expelled Anderson once they did a university investigation.

The woman who accused Anderson of repeatedly raping her showed outrage for the plea agreement and even said the county’s justice system was  “severely broken.” This case has caused not only outrage for the woman, but others as well. There has been an online petition created to oppose the plea and so far has thousands of signatures.

We see dozens of almost the exact same cases in our day to day lives. Do these cases seem right and fair to you? Do you think our “justice” system is really doing any justice at all? I, like tons of other Americans, find these cases and others just like them unfair and horrible for us and our communities. What do you feel?