Is Fortnite Dying?

Photo taken by Jeremiah Mendoza

Photo taken by Jeremiah Mendoza

Many people believe that Fortnite is dying, or in other words being forgotten, and that sooner rather than later the game will be thrown into the eternal abyss of forgotten video games. What they don’t realize is that Fortnite is far from dead, players from all over the world, including myself, still love the game the same or even more than when it first came out.

Yes, there has been a small decline in players, but just because a few thousand of people don’t play the game as much or not at all doesn’t mean that Fortnite will turn into dust. The only reason they left was because of Season 5, one of the worst seasons in Fortnite.  Season 5 had no story to start it off, as Fortnite usually does.

“It was sort of a mess around season 5,” said YouTuber ItsOwen.

The map changes, and the event that happened before the season seemed pointless. The gameplay was the same and was pretty dry. The only thing that came out during that season was rifts and some events, but not until the very end of the season.

So Fortnite made one mistake, which we’ve all done, but I will explain what makes Fortnite very alive. Some may seem like repetition, and other stuff you may have never known.

  1. Building

Fortnite is the first Battle Royal game that allows building. PUBG, Black Ops 4, H1Z1, and others, all are just offensive gameplay rather than bot defensive and offensive alike. The major problem with that is that players with higher accuracy tend to win over players who have lower accuracy.

Fortnite helps inaccuracy with the building mode. Once you take a shot you can build a ramp or a wall to avoid getting shot at. You can also build to higher ground and get the advantage over other players.

  1. Map

The map is never going to stay the same in Fortnite. Every season, Fortnite changes their theme, using an event, to whatever is going on in the world or some random jaw-dropping theme that never leaves you bored. Currently, the game has a winter theme (which is outstanding).

The snow on the southwestern part of the map completely change what used to be Greasy Grove, Flush Factory, and other places to a more winter types of location. This gives us new places to explore and experiment on.

  1. Themes

As I mentioned before, Fortnite changes their themes ever season or so. Each time they change the theme, Fortnite always leaves clues for the next season days before the end of a season. Every time one season is about to end, it is an explosion of overwhelming excitement.

Players try to piece together the clues and search all over the data files, map, and Tweets that Fortnite has posted. Once a season begins, Fortnite players immediately look at the battle pass (the game’s set of prizes whether bought or not) and contemplate the new outfits, backblings, harvesting tools, gliders, etc. Every season there are thousands of videos and millions of comments about the new Fortnite change.

  1. Changes

Aside from the map changes and theme changes, Fortnite doesn’t keep anything the same. Every now and then they add a new item, weapon, or in-game device. One of the newest changes is the plane, zip line, and sword that was sadly removed.

All of these gathered the attention of the Fortnite community among other non-Fortnite-players. Aside from that they also have weapon changes as well, removing and adding weapons introducing and vaulting items, balancing out weapons, etc. These are all changes that are made from the Fortnite community, Fortnite listens for others opinions and add them to their game, and this is one more characteristic that makes Fortnite much alive for its players.

  1. Caring

Last but not least, Fortnite is not dead because Fortnite is caring. Whenever it accumulated a lot of revenue, Fortnite decided to give back to the community. Tournaments have been added since Season 6, and if anyone had the required amount of points, they had the opportunity to go to a tournament and win money.

Since then, many players have had improved lives thanks to Fortnite. Even those who haven’t gone to tournaments earn money because of them. Now, almost every platform runs Fortnite and it has bonded many opposing software companies as well.

The game in general is a unique piece of art. No two games are the same, and you never know what you’ll find or do, what crazy things other players will do, or even what you’ll achieve. Fortnite likes giving to its community, making tournaments they fund with their earnings, and giving everyday players a piece of joy. Players love how Fortnite listens to them and they do it. I myself give the game a 10/10 just on how unique it is and I think it’s safe to say that Fortnite will live on for a longer time than we may think.