Top Ten Songs on Billboard 12/2/2018

 Every week Billboard releases a hot 100 list. This shows the 100 most popular songs, however as most people know popularity is not a measure of talent. These are the top ten songs that Billboard reviewed.

Sicko Mode: 8/10. 

This song would’ve been nothing short of perfection, if not for the last beat. It starts off as a hype song that gets you jumping but ends as the complete opposite. The message of the song was also unclear, I don’t understand it. Is it about drugs?  Alcohol? Partying? I don’t understand what type of mood this song is supposed to put me in exactly.

Lucid dreams. 7.5/10. 

I like it. The beat is nice and simple, the lyrics are well thought out and it’s just overall a good song. My only problem with it is Juice WRLD’s voice. His voice is just so ugly, he sounds like an old man. It’s like sandpaper, all rough and ugly. If Juice had a better voice the song could possibly be a 9. The production is quite terrible, it just sounds cheap kinda like what a soundcloud rapper would produce.

High Hopes. 7/10. 

The beatthe beat did what needed to be done. The lyrics are quite generic, no doubt, but they’re sweet and lighthearted; its nothing you should think about too much. I didn’t have high hopes for this song (get it high hopes *chuckles*.), but it didn’t disappoint. Its a cute little song.

Thank u, next: 6/10.

The song was OK. That’s all it was: OK. I will not say I am an Ariana fan but I do like a couple of her projects. However, this song is definitely not one of them. Nothing about this song stands out, the beat is simple, the lyrics are repetitive and mediocre. The whole song is just a bore. Considering this is a song talking about her most treasured relationships, you would expect lot of emotion to be put into the song but it simply lacks emotion. So if you’re looking for a song to put you right to sleep, give Thank U, Next a listen.

Drip Too Hard. 6/10. 

mean it’s OK... Its typical mumble rap. Lyrically it fails, the lyrics are repetitive and just plain corny. However, it’s expected at this point. It honestly just sounds like most rap you’ll here in 2018. It’s underwhelming, but it’s not terrible. The beat is just ok as well, it doesn’t really do anything for the song. Overall it’s not really something I’d listen to again, but I don’t hate it. 

Happier. 5/10. 

The lyrics are pretty repetitive and come off as quite lazy and honestly it just seems like a wanna be ‘let her go’ . Its the definition of generic pop. However I will commend Marshmello for the beatit’s well done. It seems to be the perfect middle between hype and mellow. It’s not loud and obnoxious but isn’t something that will put you to sleep, it seems to give you the perfect middle. The message of the song is also praise worthy, but the way it’s executed is just lazy.

Without me. 4.5/10. 

Yea… Another one. Can Halsey come up with something else? Like honestly. This whole Joker and Harley Quinn image is getting old real fast. This is another song about another toxic relationship, and despite having a somewhat good message, I’m sick of itperiod. I’m tired of Halsey. I am so sick and tired of hearing the same songs from her. It’s not even about the fact the song is repetitive of her old songsits that the song itself is just bad. Yesit has a fair message, but the lyrics are so lame, it turns me off. However, I will commend her for not romanticizing a toxic relationship like she seems to do in her other songs.

ZEZE. 3/10. 

*pretends to be shocked out how bad the song is* I am genuinely not surprised at how bad this song is. I mean Travis, Offset and Kodak all in one song is a recipe for disaster.However, Kodak’s part is especially terrible. I don’t know if its because his voice is painfully whiny and screechy or his barz were just super lame. Either way Kodak managed to ruin his own song. Offsets part wasn’t terrible, it was typical Offset barz lazy, and well Travis’s part was cute but it wasn’t great. Nevertheless, the beat was nothing short of amazing, with different artists on the track this would’ve been a 10. 

Girls like you. 2/10. 

This is what happens when generic pop meets generic rap, a whole mess. Maroon 5 and Cardi B never fail to disappoint me, but the two of them combined is a recipe for disaster. Cause flops like them, run around flops like her. The beat, however, is extremely catchy, it’s the type of song to get stuck in your head for hours on end. The lyrics are absolutely terrible, my God. The title is practically the whole song, that’s how repetitive the lyrics are. It’s time for this washed up boy band to hang up their mics. 

Mo Bamba. 1/10.

 I just… I just, I have no words to describe how absolutely atrocious this song is. If crackheads were a song, this would be it. This song is so terrible it’s actually hilarious. “Sheck Wes I ain’t a motherf****** joke,” Sir, yes you are and so is this whole song. I mean this song has even lazier lyrics than ‘Gucci Gang’ and don’t even get me started on his flow, that is on a whole new level of abominable. I need to speak to his managementwho is in his team? Who is letting him do this? I am astounded genuinely. The only saving grace this song has is the beat. Everything else is just plain trash. 

In conclusion, no song on here really deserves top ten.